Simple Studio: Your Magic


You don’t want to miss this adventure, so come with me to MY Simple Studio: Your MAGIC!

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Simple Studio: Your Magic

What would YOU do if I were to turn you loose with MY models and MY equipment in MY studio? Join me as I take a group of students and put them in charge of their own shoots in my studio. Watch as I help them to perfect their shoots, from styling to posing to shooting. I even take a turn in FRONT of the camera as one of the students selects me to be her model. Learn how to take charge and fully express your own creativity as you watch me work with these students to bring their own visions to life. You don’t want to miss this adventure, so come with me to MY Simple Studio: Your MAGIC!


12 Reviews for Simple Studio: Your Magic

“Another great workshop - I'd love to see some of the final shots.”


“This workshop helped me to move one step closer to my vision and what I want to translate through my photographs. Especially the section involving the shoot of Meg. Thank you so much to all involved in this workshop!”


“I learn so much about posing from Meg. Taking the time to make each shot positioned just perfectly. You show us such an array of directions that clearly make each shot. I would have loved to see some of each of the ladies edited photos. It was pretty cool to watch the tables be turned on Megs photo session. I don't think that happens too often and it was sweet to see the other side of Meg and I think she loved it also. Loved them all.”


“May be one of my favorites from Meg. It had a little but of everything for studio sessions. Very fun to watch!”


“One of my favorites! Great workshop! thanks Meg!!!!”


“Amazing workshop! My favorite! Full of everything you need to know or want to know! It literally includes everything you have questions about ! Lighting, posing, styling. I love it because you see from different participants perspective and how you might be doing similar things and you get to see how Meg might change a pose or the light etc and changes the outlook of the photo. It is super inspiring and it covers so many subjects. From baby,child, teen, maternity, and Meg herself. I love this workshop ! Thanks Meg”


“I really enjoyed this! I loved see all the different sessions . You really get to see how important the light is and where is needs to be. This is one of my favorites I have watched!”


“I have to review this, because I was there. Getting to shoot Meg's portrait was an incredible and intense experience. She pushed me way out of my comfort zone. I was happy I had already watched posing bootcamp and a few other workshops. Meg worked with everyone that day and constantly challenged us. She kept saying "I'm not going to do this for you". She didn't hold our hand and suggest a lot of things. When we were really stuck she asked questions, requiring us to think for ourselves. I loved baby Charlotte!! And I've never shot maternity and what an experience to see how it's done in studio--the nude maternity just rocks! We filmed this workshop all day long. This is like getting 6-7 workshops in one. Get it!”


“Just fantastic and really inspiring to see all the women take control of the shoot and make all the decisions showing more and more confidence along the way. It was also great that if they were uncertain, Meg was able to step in and help out. Just loved this!”


“This workshop was amazing!! I loved seeing these student's dream setups come to life. Being able to adapt and adjust to different situations and spur of the moments actions is crucial in learning in my opinion. I loved every bit of it and would love to see many more like this. How incredible it must have been to dream something and watch it be made possible right in front of your eyes. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit. Watching this was so fun and had my full attention. Excellent job Meg and team, and thank you for sharing this experience with us.”


“I absolutely loved this workshop! Watching all the different shoots was so amazing! I learned so much! Thank you Meg as always I learn so much each time I watch your workshop...”


“My favorite! I loved Meg’s session!!! The nude session was beautiful! I feel so inspired. I have been hiding in my safe zone and have all kinds of ideas for sessions but let fear get in my way. I feel like I can now step out of my box and just try different things. I love that it was said if you want something you have to ask. It won’t just come to you. Love it!!! Thank You Meg and Staff!!!”