Meg’s Book PDF

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This is my heart and soul, put into print. I hope you love it as much as I do. An extensive 76-page PDF ebook!

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Meg’s Book PDF

I believe in more
more than the eye can see
more than the words that are said
more than a first impression
more than a fleeting feeling
I believe in embracing life
not only for what it is
but for what it can be
and for what it once was
I believe in me and I believe in you
I am thrilled to share this beautiful printable pdf that embodies everything I believe about photography. You will see beautiful images, read technical information and be inspired.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it.

30 Reviews for Meg’s Book PDF

“Wow I'm still to print this out, but I have read this already two times.... Absolutely love this!”


“When this first came out, I thumbed through it. Skimmed over it if you will. I thought it was awesome back then. But this week I really wanted to dive into it. There is so much raw emotion in this book! So much honesty and so much hope. Meg, your mind is brilliant!! I am inspired so much and I cannot wait to learn more from you!!”


“I Love This PDF ! <3 Great Info & Wonderful Inspiration For ALL Levels of Photographers!! <3”


“Meg, of all the many amazing things I have purchased in your world, this book is truly "it". The thing of all things. Thank you for making it and speaking straight to my soul. I have read and reread the first 10 pages and am seriously even more excited for journey than I was before. Cheers to raindrops on cigarette butts on the street (I read that with a laughing "YESSSSSSS"!).”


“Wow! This is amazing, so much information.”


“If I could rate this more than 5 stars I would! I have been very discouraged with myself and my images lately and I needed to hear these exact words <3 hearing them from Meg just makes it that much better. Thank you Meg for all that you put into this. I will cherish it forever :) so glad I bought this at the last minute!!”


“So much heart and soul has been put into this. I have gone thru the pages several times and it becomes more inspiring each time. Thank you so much for sharing with us! You truly have a gift for inspiring artists!”


“WOW! After reading the reviews of the Meg Of The Month my curiosity got the best of me and I had to sign up. I'm so thrilled that I did! This is an amazing resource that I pray will bring my photography to another level. What an awesome gift you have Meg! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!”


“Just wonderful! I can't believe it was so inexpensive!!! It was my first purchase here, and I can't imagine what my next MOTM will be!”


“Absolutely amazing! I can't believe the effort and passion the Meg has put into this months gift. With so much more than the monthly subscription.”


“Such an awesome gift! I'm so glad I found you! Thank you!”


“Shocked and inspired! Thank you Meg for this generous gift. It's beautifully packaged and incredibly thought provoking and insightful.....a true gem.”


“very unexpected - and really awesome! Worth way more than its price! A LOT of effort has gone into this, and I'm really glad I didn't miss out on getting it.”


“This was absolutely amazing! You can tell that Meg poured her true passion into this! Definitely worth way more than the subscription price, and I feel HONORED to have been able to read it! I felt as if she was speaking to me personally through her words, I could feel all of the emotion radiating off of the pages! Thank you so much, Meg! You are truly an incredible person!”


“This months gift was amazing! Meg completely blew it out of the water. This is exactly what I needed! I am very grateful. It's like Christmas- I can't wait until next month!”


“Thank you Meg. Its amazing! I have to go through it properly, but... wow. You have a very special gift to make us more confident, more happy about what we do, your support is making me soso wanting to show the best from myself to the world!”


“What tha what?! You won't be disappointed signing up for this! Just the first month was more than what you could expect...just awesome!”


“Wow! Thank you Meg. Now I see what all of the excitement was about.”

— AMY K.

“I have not even read it...just glanced through it... and OMG! I am just blown away with all the things that caught my eye while I was just "glancing" through it! Meg and the Team never disappoints!!! Never! So thankful for everyone who helps get all this done for us & major thanks to Meg! We wouldn't have this knowledge at our hands without you! So thank you! <3 (Can't wait to read it!)”


“I didn't know what to expect but was excited about the possibilities. Having attended one of Meg's in person workshops and owning several of her workshop and editing videos I figured at least the 1st month should be something awesome and if it wasn't I could cancel. I have to say I was blown away! Meg literally put her heart and soul in this. If you haven't signed up you're missing out. Do it before it's too late, you won't regret it!”


“Enthralling! Captivating and inspirational. Thank you Meg!”


“I'm a huge fan of Meg Bitton's art! I have several edits/workshops/and zero to ...'s (wanting the sharp now!). I wasn't sure about a monthly subscription, but decided that I've been so over-the-top pleased with what I've learned from Meg, that I decided to at least try the first month and see what it was all about. Yep, I'll be sticking with the Meg of the Month! This was so perfect and so much more than what I was envisioning it to be. I'm very, very glad I subscribed. I'm very, very glad that I stumbled upon Meg's work and tried an edit!”


“This! This is an unbelievable gift! I read, re-read, ponder and turn the page for more. You've shared your heart and soul with us. Grabbing a cup of tea and curling up for more. Thank you Meg, you rock!”


“This was an incredible and beautiful surprise today. Way beyond what I paid for. Thank you Meg <3”


“Simply amazing. There is so much information here, it will take longer than the entire month of June to process it. Worth WAY more than the monthly subscription price!”

— .

“Amazing, above and beyond the price of the subscription. It is an all encompassing guide. She doesn't hold back! An amazing resource and you can tell she put her heart and soul into it. She wants you to be awesome and gives you the tools you need.”


“This resource is increible and an invaluable one!! Thank you Meg for this guide!!!”


“Meg is such an inspiration to us all...she is REAL...I was so excited to see a 'gift' in my email...and what a gift it is! There is one thing that I do every single day...and that is to 'check in' with Meg! I've learned so much already..not just as it relates to taking & editing photos but not to be afraid to be 'me'...This surprise is the BEST...what will you have up your sleeve next, Meg? Thank you for sharing you!”


“This resource is incredible. The information shared is invaluable and the presentation of the material is gorgeous. Thank you Meg for this guide that will serve me well for many, many years to come.”


“This is such an invaluable resource. The piece about Confidence is very inspirational. Thank you for sharing your joy and passion with us!”