Meg of the Month

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$14.95 on the 1st of each month

Everybody loves a good surprise, right? Sign up to get a NEW surprise EVERY MONTH!

First payment: April 1, 2019

Meg of the Month

Everybody loves a good surprise, right? Here’s your chance to get the BEST surprise EVERY MONTH! Each person who subscribes to Meg of the Month will receive an exclusive product from Meg each month. Each month Meg will amaze you with items worth far more the cost of membership in the Club! It may be a video, it may be an action, it may be a brush or an overlay, it may be some or all of those, or something else entirely!

The new exclusive Meg of the Month product will be available on the 1st, so sign up now to make sure that you are one of the first to get in on this new and exciting offering from Meg. It’s going to be so much fun and full of Magic! Sign up today for your chance to be one of the members of the Meg of the Month Club!

23 Reviews for Meg of the Month

“extraordinary value for money - I cannot believe so much is included for such a small monthly amount - and a tutorial with ideas for when we have those nasty creative blocks - so glad I subscribed :)”

— LYN F.

“Wow! you get so much for $14.95. I love it being a surprise too! Thank you”

— EVA N.

“Gorgeous, love every single part of this!”


“The only online monthly subscription I am subscribed to >>> MEG of the Month Club <<<”


“As new photographer, I purchased this, read it and absolutely LOVED IT!!! It helped soooo much. THANK YOU! I highly recommend it and it is worth so much more than you pay!”


“Thank you, Meg! I wasn't sure what to expect from the Meg of the Month, but I knew it would be special and had to get on board! This e-book is Amazing! Anyone who reads this can tell that you put your heart and soul into this. Again, Thank You!!”


“Not sure what I expected, but I would never have dreamed that it would be something that would touch my heart and inspire me to dream! After reading just the first couple of pages, I was inspired and stopped worrying I didn't measure up. I just have to be happy with me and all the shiny things that come with that! If you're wondering if it is worth the price, the answer is no. You are getting much more! I can't wait until next month!”


“Meg never fails to disappoint!! Got my first Meg of the month and I couldn't be any more excited to see what else she has to offer us!!! Don't wait on subscribing.... you need this!! ?”


“This was the first "Meg of the month" that I bought and I was floored!! WORTH. EVERY. PENNY. What I received was well worth hundreds of dollars, let alone the $15 for the month of June. I cannot wait until July! Thank You Meg!”


“Meg has truly outdone herself and provided us with so much information. What we can do with the information is limitless. Thank you, Meg, for sharing your heart and soul. Your generosity is inspiring.”


“I wish I could give more then 5 stars for the Meg of the month. My mind was blown when I opened up my email and saw what was sent to me. If you have not signed up for this yet you need to do this now. Like you should have done this yesterday:) I love learning new things to help my business grow and now that I have signed up for this I know it will help tremendously!!! Do it now!!! You wont be disappointed #mindblown”


“I'm on a limited budget. I was sceptical when everyone said how good it was, but I took the risk. Should've known better, knowing Meg. Brilliant is an understatement. There is no risk; only the potential to be inspired to create beautiful art. Anyone out there still unsure? Do it. Take the leap. Greatness will follow, I assure you.”


“Absolutely amazing! Worth so much more plus some! If you have not jumped on this you need to you won't regret rocked my world! Meg your continue to amaze me keep being awesome, & thank you for all you do! xoxo”


“The first Meg of the Month release is amazing!!! The content is invaluable and well worth the small monthly fee. Not only was I excited to work my way through it, but once I had finished I couldn't have been happier....I would highly recommend anyone sitting on the fence about joining Meg of the Month to just do it!! Meg never disappoints!”


“Wow! Love the first gift. Getting ready to keep working through it tonight. Definitely worth the $14.95”


“Worth. Every. Penny. ?”


“I have just received my first Meg of the Month and agree that it is well worth the investment. The content is invaluable to any photographer wishing to learn more about Meg's style of photography and her formula used to create her wonderful images. My initial plan was to sign up for the first month to test it out and then just cancel if I was not satisfied with the content, but after receiving my first month's surprise I'll be sticking around to find out what Meg has to offer next round!”


“Meg is not only an awesome and talented photographer and teacher, she is very generous. I am so excited about the first gift and I am looking forward to next month! June's surprise is a MUST HAVE! Don't miss out on it! She works tirelessly to help us achieve our dreams. A big thank you, Meg, I appreciate you so much! You are truly my inspiration.”


“I just received the first edition of Meg-of-the-Month and I couldn't be happier! Meg outdid herself with this one. It's exciting that each month is a surprise offering! I have no doubt that each month I will receive something that will be helpful to me as a photographer, which will ultimately help my business grow. Thank you to Meg and her team!”


“Worth the subscription price and more!! Just received my first download and I couldn't be happier!! Already looking forward to next months surprise!”


“Ahhhhmazzzzzing!!!! I can't wIt to see what month #2 brings ?”


“The first release was definitely more than I expected, it ia amazing and I love it! It's totally worth it. I am so glad to be a member of this club and can't wait to see the gifts of the following months.”


“The mystery was revealed... and it was incredible!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the first Meg of the month! (I'm already looking forward to the next!) Thank you Meg! Best teacher ever!”