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In 2021 I am offering a new product.

In a normal year, I would tell you what we are going to discuss once a month (and possibly more if you purchase the package), but 2020 has redefined what it means to be an artist. For you and for me.

Being as I cannot come to you, I am going to bring all of you into my studio through our most intimate video project yet.

On the first day of each month, the topic for the month’s Meg.Authentic. will be posted, along with a private space to submit your questions, comments or opinions of any kind. Questions need to be submitted within one week. Those answers will then be addressed during filming. Please note, that due to volume at certain times, all  may not be answered.

Each month a beautiful, intimate episode of Meg.Authentic. will be posted by the end of the month.

Videos will run for approximately 30 minutes. These will NOT be me behind a desk, they will be magnificent videos that are works of art themselves.

I look forward to exploring authentically with you over the course of twelve videos in 2021.




10 Reviews for Meg.Authentic-The.Series.

“So much good stuff!! Where can I find the acrylic stool?”


“Certainly one of my most favorite series of Meg's. SO much here to relate to, to inspire, to reflect upon... 11/10. Thank you.”


“Wow. "What has been your favorite camera?" Did not expect to find that so moving. Thank you for that! Looking forward to watching the rest!!”


“April 2021 - "Iconic images come to you"....Meg this is so true and that is also why I have to learn to be open and let the universe do its magic and stop looking for perfection. It is such a powerful concept. Letting go of expectations and see the world unfold in front of my eyes without rushing or forcing results. So difficult but also so rewarding. There is a lot to think about in this precious episode. Thanks so much for filming and sharing it!”


“The image of Frank gave me all the feels the first time I saw it. I don't remember which class it was in. But Im so glad to hear the story behind it. I am drawn to all things old. I think that is why I loved the image. His face, his expression, his hair, all of it. The detail in every piece of him. Love it all.”


“I love this so much! So much Heart put in this”


“The "why are you afraid" episode is so relevant. Your message so important. Thanks for sharing!”


“Thank you! I am loving this course. Talking about studios lights a fire in me to learn lighting, for me, so I can produce the images I imagine.”


“I am so excited for this series!! The first two that you did for 2020 were fantastic! I can not wait to hear the new topics!”


“Loved this bonus Meg! Thank you for helping us to find so much more depth in our images and art than what meets the eye!”