Meg.Authentic-Why My Dolls Matter

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Meg.Authentic-Why My Dolls Matter

Dolls are a part of what makes me me.

Join me and learn how and why I incorporate dolls into my work and life.

Note: This product is included in the Meg.Authentic—-The Series.

1 Reviews for Meg.Authentic-Why My Dolls Matter

“Love. You are exactly right.Im a doll lover, not a collector. I have one very special doll.As child we were poor and I longed for a doll at a local grocery store. Long story but my Mom brought it to me one day. I have photographed dolls and even have my special girl Felicita in a photo on a night stand in the spare bedroom. No, I'm not crazy , just sentimental. Thank you for your art Meg you are amazing, inspiring and Loved.”