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Meg.Authentic-Why Are You Afraid

From artist Meg Bitton
6 reviews

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Why do so many people struggle with the confidence of calling themselves a photographer?

Join me as I walk you through my journey and the reason WHY you can own your authentic self

Note: This product is included in Meg.Authentic—-The Series.

Sold Out

Product Reviews

6 total reviews
Thank you so much. I am hard on myself and have put down my camera because of failure. I know I need to give myself room to fail and THEN get back up. Thank you for sharing!
Thank you.
wow, I needed to heard it one more time. make me realize what am I afraid of!! Thank you
This is an eye opener. F*#^ yeah I'm a photographer! I love the memories I create, that's all that matters. Thank you Meg ❤️
This is a great video. It touched my heart, and Meg is so authentic. Buy it, you won’t be sorry.
So many things I needed to hear. You helped to put many things into perspective for me. Thank you Meg for another great video!
– KIM W.