Magical Real Time Mentoring


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Magical Real Time Mentoring

I know that people learn better in person. I know step by step instruction for only YOU in MY VOICE will catapult you. I KNOW that what you learn in the lesson will imprint upon you because I am making you do it in REAL TIME.

Let’s get real. The days of traveling far and wide have come to an end for many. So, I will come to you through your phone, on location.

This is for POSING MENTORING. Posing. Not anything other than posing.

You have up to 30 minutes with me. You can book me for a session, you can book me for a mock session, you can book me for a session with your child, or 10 of your children. Whatever you want. The tenets of posing remain the same for all people. Learn them and it will become rote.

This is my NEW way for one on one for now.

So, spend some time with me. I will be the posing devil on your shoulder 😉