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Magical Noise Reduction Action

From artist MBP
4 reviews

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Use this action to easily and quickly reduce noise in your images!

Product Reviews

4 total reviews
This action is Brilliant.
I caught this on sale, and although I never have grain, I thought it may be a a good thing to have at that price. I have a great camera and low light lenses.... but it happened ! Knowing what I know now, I'd pay 10x the price to have it at my disposal. It saved me a LOT of stress with the one time it happened! Recommenced Recommend Recommend .... So easy !
This action is a LIFE SAVER!! I shoot with a camera body that is notorious for grain, and this has just make my editing process a million times easier! It's so easy to use! Definitely a must have for people who are struggling with grain!
HOW DID YOU KNOW???? I was fighting an evening session where every image had some kind of noise in it. Totally my fault...I know better and my settings were just a hair off. Grrrr....woke up to this action this morning and BOOM...bought it and my butt has been saved!!!! Recommend it 100 times over!