Magical Flannel M Number 3


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Magical Flannel M Number 3

Vintage hand softened, distressed and bleached flannel. Each one of these has been hand edited. They were softened using a process that involves a ton of time, bleached with a pattern in mind and they were purchased individually with the product in mind, so each one is beautiful. I could not decide which one to keep.

Please be aware that these are VINTAGE, meaning that they have been upcycled. You may see an old tag, but I believe most have been removed stitch by stitch.

Each one is One of a Kind.

I hope your shooting this fall is  more fun in your new flannel.

There are no refunds.

Small-fits 0-4
Medium -fits 6-8
large- fits 8-12
XL-fits 14-22

These have been resized as women’s shirts to the best of standard sizing. Some started off as men’s.

Souls.Imagined. Flannel.

Welcome to Fall 2019

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