Love in New York


Join me for a special recorded workshop filmed in downtown New York. One of the FIRST workshops filmed for Meg Bitton Live.

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Love in New York

This recorded workshop includes four segments:

  • Segment 1: Styling for the Shoot. We will choose the wardrobe together while I explain what works. You will then join us at hair and make up and we wrangle and prepare our child model. Here you will meet my team that I work with regularly and participate in our interactions.
  • Segment 2: Pre-Shoot Lesson. Before we step out to the streets of New York, you will join me and and a small group of attendees as we discuss all the whys and hows of this business and how to find your voice and translate your vision.
  • Segment 3: The New York Street. We will broadcast live from a New York neighborhood right before sunset which is my favorite time to shoot. I will demonstrate how I find and harness the light, how I pose and connect with groups of subjects. I will go over my settings and why I have chosen them. You will watch me work with individual in-person students while we focus on a variety of topics.
  • Segment 4: Editing. At the end of the day we’ll finish up while I demonstrate my editing workflow. We will conclude with the perfect examples of how to turn your vision into beauty.

9 Reviews for Love in New York

“I never realized how much I could learn from just watching Meg shoot. There is so much information here about wardrobe that really applies to any scenario. This video just helped to solidify my vision. I love the workshops that help me with that!!!”


“This video was packed with info. I so love that blue was just perfection. I've got to get really good at this so I can buy some of them. The group was fun and asked lots of good questions. It's too bad New York is so far away..doing a street session here I would surely get run over....or arrested....but I might just have to try it. Loved this class Meg!!”


“My favorite Meg Workshop to date! This video actually gave me the little push to venture out into my little town and find places of interest. I was surprised at how many places we have in our little town that I neglected to use before. And separating the tones in the city is so super important! Love it! <3 <3”


“I am so glad I purchased this one! Definitely one of my top favorites!!!!!”


“I can't say enough about what I've taken away from Megs videos. I have learned so much from watching her work, but most importantly I feel like she is helping me find myself. Before this video I had a vision of something I wanted to do, but wasn't sure if I could turn my vision into a reality. This video has given me the confidence to go forth with idea and I can't wait to see what I create!!!! Thank you so much Meg and team!!!! I know this is a long post, but I want to share my first post from Meg Bitton live. I paid $300 for another photographers' tutorials, and while I'm not in the business of bad mouthing anyone, I was RELIEVED and GRATEFUL to find MEG!!!!! I asked if MEGS videos were similar to some of the others on the market and Meg herself responded that she felt there was something to be learned from each one of her videos. She has not disappointed me yet!!! In fact, I'd say I'm addicted. (My husband would If you're on the fence, just do it!!!!!”


“What a great, thorough workshop. Love seeing the posing, interaction with participants, and model. Learned so much.”


“A fantastic workshop to learn from, I learnt so much, this was so worth my financial investment. Thanks Meg for continuing to give us this knowledge.”


“I learned so much about posing from this!”


“Incredible! This workshop gives you an in depth look into every little detail that goes into a city shoot: concept, styling, hair/make-up, shooting and editing. As always, Meg is an open book, completely authentic, and very generous about sharing her process--all the little whys and hows that culminate into her signature magic.”