Love at Home

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Here is your opportunity to be a fly on the wall for LOVE AT HOME!!

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Love at Home

My IN PERSON LOVE AT HOME workshop will now be available for ALL OF YOU to view. On November 19th, 2017 I taught Love At Home. It will consist of a STUDIO light shoot, a NUDE maternity and an AMAZING princess in the forest. This is your opportunity to join me from afar. You will see exactly how I conduct this workshop. So, here is your opportunity to be a fly on the wall for LOVE AT HOME!!

14 Reviews for Love at Home

“As usual, never disappointed with Meg. The thing is, with all of Megs courses, in order to soak it in, you have to set aside your own views and break down all the details of the shoot. Pay attention to her posing, her composure, her angles, her settings. Her styling and editing is just a small part of how Meg photographs. I have learned SO much by purchasing this workshop, and how to do maternity that isn't just your plain Jane typically maternity session. I love everything about how these courses are structured, and I would recommend this to anyone I knew.”


“Loved this!”


“I absolutely loved this workshop! Meg is such a great teacher! I love the variety of settings this workshop offers. always! Thank you, Meg!”


“Love at home! What a brilliant workshop, One of my favourites, Meg once again shares soo much information, so many aha moments and real joy in watching these sessions.”


“Words cannot describe how much I love this workshop!!!! I love all of Meg's workshops thou. This one gives so much helpful info, you get so much confidence!!! way to go Meg!!”


“This has to be the best one in my opinion.... It covers everything I needed. Studio, outdoors, maternity, posing, styling, lighting.... Meg is an amazing instructer! ALOT to learn here!”


“Stellar as always Meg!!! Tahlia is too cute and follows direction so well and still is relaxed to be herself. This was great.”


“Just finished watching Love at Home. I love how Meg gets into the hearts and minds of the photographers participating and I found a little of myself in each of their stories. These workshops are SO much more than just learning how to shoot like Meg. She gives SO much of her heart and soul to her teachings and really teaches you how to find your authentic self. Yes...we ALL want to be like Meg but she shows you how to be like YOU. She digs deep but does it with such compassion. And, of course shows you how to make the magic happen in studio and out. As I grow as a photographer, I find myself getting more and more out of each workshop. Thanks, Meg!”


“Really enjoyed this workshop. There's a number of situations in this one covering maternity and children that I found helpful. And I loved Tahlia's clothing, just devine! Thanks again for this, each workshop is like a weapon that I put in my backpack and this was no exception.”


“I Love, love at home workshop, this has a bunch of awesome ways to capture a range of ages and clients, also goes into the editings and how Meg does it.”


“Loved this workshop! Seeing Meg and the kids so relaxed during a shoot brought a smile to my face! Really learned a lot and got inspired, Thank you yet again for another fantastic workshop!”


“My favourite so far. Thanks Meg! Laughed my ass off when the cop arrived hahahahahaha!”


“I can't wait to watch this!!! Thanks Meg!”


“I am beyond excited about this workshop!! I can't wait to watch it in two more weeks!! You are Simply Awesome Meg!!”