Live Editing

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Join me on Monday, January 29th, 2018 LIVE at 1pm Eastern as I edit 10 images submitted by audience members. Watch me edit and chat with me as I do so…

Live Editing Starts

Live Editing

Pre-recorded on January 29th, 2018 LIVE, when I edited 10 images submitted by audience members. See how your image might look through MY eyes and using my techniques.


7 Reviews for Live Editing

“"We're going to build her some toes." Mind blown here, I spent the entire day watching this. All of the edits, I took notes, I paused, went back and rewatched. There is so much education right here in this workshop. It covers so much, and Meg answers questions at the end of each edit. I can't wait to try out the techniques, especially the one with the foot swap. So much variety, I just can't say enough about this workshop, I have had it for months, so glad I finally took the time to dig in. Thanks so much!”


“Love, love. love this workshop! I only got to watch 2 out of 10 edits and they're amazing. It's just so interesting and unique to see Meg edit not hers but other people images. Each editing video is packed with so many tips and tricks!”


“Always enjoy watching Meg work her magic! Such an incredible artist and educator!”


“I learn something new from meg every single image she edits! This was a thoughtful insight on how and why she chooses to make the adjustments she does. Shows us how to turn lovely visions into magic with the tools we have available to us! Definitely a great purchase and hope to see another of these in the future!”


“This was a really unique event full of great editing tips, tricks, and a peak in to Meg's editing mind. I loved seeing how these images evolved in Meg's mind and on to our screens. With 10 fully edited pictures this is an amazing learning tool and super fun bonus if your picture was one of those chosen to be edited.”


“It is very interesting to see Meg editing images not taken by her and how she solves popular problems across the board. My photo was edited in this live stream, it was super noisy, flat light, taken with a cheap dx on a challenge situation and she even said at the end how she wondered why she picked that image, but she put her skills to action and takes my image to a much better level. She edits 10 images... it’s a lot of her time comparing to her original edits.”


“I really liked this live format and was definitely able to see a rhythm in Meg's style of editing. Have loads to think about and beautiful tools to try to figure out my own style. Thanks so much for sharing your insights with us. Love the way you teach Meg!”