Let There Be Light: Nightlight

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Don’t be afraid of the Dark. Join me as I show you all that you can do when you turn on to Nightlight!

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Let There Be Light: Nightlight

Think you can’t shoot at night and get great images? Think again! Join me as I show you how to capture the drama and beauty of Light at Night! See how to use the available light to your advantage to tell the story that you see before you, or the story that you WISH to see. A good photographer uses ANY light to create the images that he or she desires. Don’t be afraid of the Dark. Join me as I show you all that you can do when you turn on to Nightlight!

11 Reviews for Let There Be Light: Nightlight

“I love shooting at dusk and use much of what Meg teaches in this lesson. It was great to see I am doing things like she would since I am a huge fan of Meg and her work. I took away several new techniques as well, thank you for always providing amazing tutorials and never disappointing!!!”


“Love this course! It was so helpful to see how to find light in all kinds of places.”


“Awesome course. Taught me not to be afraid to push my cameras limits and embrace the grain! I have my first night shoot planned already - cant wait to see what comes of it.”


“Great info and instruction Meg. I am so excited to now try to effectively shoot at night.”


“I bet lots of people are afraid to shoot in the dark as I was. In this video, Meg will show you how easy, simple and fun it can be :-) I'm starting to shoot weddings now, and even though, I do have OCF lights I feel empowered now to add in a few creative portraits using only natural light. I love the ambient light at night, I think it's really magical, and I'm glad I can capture it now!”


“I love the look and the drama. A drive through town at night will never be the same. I'll always be looking for the light.”


“Can't wait to try shooting at night.”


“?Meg, again you have outdone yourself! I loved this video workshop and watching your story unfold; beautifully executed as always ?”


“So much fun! I loved this!”


“Looking forward to this session and what Meg will reveal to us about shooting in dark conditions...and then her bonus to us in the edit(s).”


“Can’t wait to see it! ♥️”