Let There Be Light: Harshlight

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The light may be Harsh, but it can still be beautiful. Join me for Let There Be Light: Harshlight!

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Let There Be Light: Harshlight

Harsh Light can be SCARY! You don’t HAVE to be afraid though, if you know how to work with it. Join me and let’s explore harsh light. Learn what shadows to avoid and how to shoot in both direct sun and in shade! See how you can capture that highly desired hair light, avoid unflattering shadows and expose properly for the face. We did not venture very far from the studio for this workshop, but we were able to cover a LOT of territory as far as photography goes! Watch as I discuss leading lines and working with one’s surroundings. Join me to learn about when I choose to use Spot Metering, and when I prefer to use Matrix Metering. When you understand the light, you can create images where things look the way you want them to look. The light may be Harsh, but it can still be beautiful. To find out how, join me for Let There Be Light: Harshlight!

19 Reviews for Let There Be Light: Harshlight

“This was the first video I've watched of Meg's. Why have I WAITED so long? I'll be buying more once I feel I've mastered shooting in harsh light! Thanks Meg :)”


“I really fell in love with this one. I struggle with the light and I enjoyed how meg slows it down. It made me really rethink about how I view shooting in the light. It’s seemed like a difficulty concept because I constantly hear not to and to only shoot and certain times of the day. This helps me not limit myself and I love how she explains. I love how she shoots full sun and shows the shade right after. So much to learn in this one. It’s a great buy.”


“Thank you Meg!! This is the first thing I have ever won. So appreciate everything you do. Can't wait to watch and learn!! Thank you!”


“This was immensely informative for me as Meg taught me some new stuff and helped me with some stuff that I already knew.”


“Wow, Loved this video. This was so helpful! I have always avoided harsh sun... Now I need to go practice this! Thanks Meg!”


“This is my new favourite! Light bulbs went off when I finally grasped what I was doing wrong when shooting in harshlight (I ended up just refusing to shoot in harshlight) but this course completely changed my views on it. Meg has a way of explaining the light and how she places subjects, that is easy to understand. So happy I now "get it".”


“Meg has a way of really explaining the how's and why's of what she does. Everything she says makes sense and is easy to understand. This was an awesome video course! I didn't realize that such small changes could have such a big change. I've been going about shooting in sun all wrong and this course changed everything about the way I see harsh light and shadows. Thank you Meg!!”

— JOY B.

“This was a major game changer!!! I have avoided mid day sun for years!!! But the more I learn from Meg the more I want LIGHT in my photos. Today I shot a toddler in harsh light using Megs teachings and I am thrilled -beyond thrilled- with what I was able to to! Babies don't care what time it is, you just have to get it done! I am not afraid anymore! LOL Thanks, Meg!!!!”


“OMG you are amazing, thank you so much I have learned so much. Thank you.”

— LOU B.

“I have been shooting for a while and have so many of Meg's products so when I saw this product I was curious about how Meg shoots in harsh sun but really thought I wouldn't have much to learn at this point. Wrong! It was great to her going through her thought process and telling us the how and why she does the way she does when shooting in harsh sun and there were still a few "a-ha" moments I learned from so i will add a few new techniques to my work. Very glad I purchase this :-)”


“5 stars with an edit ????????”


“I love the Let There be Light series. I knew that the settings work together, but I didn't know which to adjust first. Both the Harsh light and Overcast workshops explain which to change and when. I can't wait to go out and practice in both situations.”


“Game changer for sure, I photograph lots of small children and families, and especially in the summer, it's always a balance between shooting during "good" light, or shooting when kids are tired and cranky. Seeing the side-by-sides of the same girl, similar scene, in (properly posed) full sun and in shadow, really made it hit home for me - watched this, then went out the next day to shoot twin 2 year olds at 11am in full sun, and couldn't believe the difference in my mindset and the images. It's kind of a combination between Let there Be Light and No Excuses - as long as you have reasonable expectations for the final product (these aren't going to be dreamy golden hour images, but they also don't need to have harsh shadows or blown out skies!), there's no reason you can't make gorgeous images in harsh light. Love it, thank you again for hearing us and addressing our issues!”


“Love, love, love Meg’s teaching style!!! She shows us the right and wrong way. And what happens in each situation. I already knew about my reflector, looking for shadows on the face, and getting the highlights in the hair, but only during the golden hour. However, I still looked for open shade to put my subjects in. Now, I’m super excited to get some of my cousins kids out modeling for me and Im going to use the gold side of the reflector, highlights in the hair in the sun, and tilting the head to a door those harsh shadows. Thank you Meg for sharing your talents with us.”


“This is a very informative course on using light and working with shadows. I feared shooting in full sun, but will now admit I am looking forward to it. Meg has so many great tips and tricks to make images work with the light provided. I would highly recommend this course!”


“I really enjoyed these videos. Meg does a wonderful job of showing you where she's putting the subject and explaining why. I appreciated the angles from which this was filmed also; we could see the light move on the subject's face as Meg directed her and get a clear picture of what she was going for. I will say that an editing video would have made this stronger (although I knew when I bought it that it wasn't included). The promo photo is GORGEOUS and I would love to see it edited!”


“I don't know what it is about Meg's way, but she really shows you the how, and then makes you understand the why. I went into this "knowing" everything she went over, but it wasn't until after I watched her that I got the confidence to do it. Thank you, Meg, for not only teaching but giving the confidence through your explanations to go out and apply it.”


“Meg does it again. This was such a huge Aha moment for me. I always try to loom for shade when shooting outside and then keep wondering my the skintones look so dreary and dead. It just makes me want to pull my hair out and give up. This workshop just blew my mind and definitely reset the way I will go about shooting in broad daylight. Thank you, Meg and team!”


“This is has been the most helpful video that I have watched from Meg. I was always afraid to shoot mid day and in full sun. After watching these videos, I am more confident in shooting in full sun.”