How to Use Our Magical Makeup Palettes

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How to Use Our Magical Makeup Palettes

In this video, Meg uses a number of the Magical Makeup Palettes to edit a portrait to beautiful perfection!

7 Reviews for How to Use Our Magical Makeup Palettes

“Great tutorial on how to use the various make-up palettes that are sold separately on the Meg Bitton Live website. Not only does Meg show you how to use the makeup palettes, she first shows you how to download them and install them into Photoshop. She then shows, step-by-step, various uses for swatches from more various palettes. The information is presented slowly and clearly, so that you can really follow what she is doing. Happy with this purchase.”


“I did the same as everyone else, I thought I was purchasing the make up palettes as well. The video was great. I have got to start reading what I'm buying a lot more carefully.”


“I too purchased this thinking it was a multi pack of the palettes. I could literally kick myself.”


“Like other have mentioned I purchased this thinking it was the palettes themselves! I'll be excited to try out the palettes soon! I'm sure the tutorial will be super helpful once I have the palettes to use with it.”


“I too mistake this product like Brenda did, I guess this will be useful so I'm going to wait on the next sale to get the palettes!”


“I misunderstood what this product was, I thought it was the palette collection. It is a tutorial using the pallets make sure to buy the individual palettes too.”


“AWESOME tutorial on the Palettes!!! Very thorough. This is so brilliant!!!”