Holiday Magic Fundamentals

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Holiday Magic Fundamentals

Previously included in Foundations of Holiday Magic, NOW available separately!

Included with purchase are the FOUR instructional videos Shawna taught with in her Foundations Course! Learn the fundamentals to find the magic of the holidays in your composites and imagery, no matter what holiday you might celebrate! You will learn to build beautiful holiday composites, and use it to your beautiful advantage in your own work!

Topics covered include: Creating a storyboard-creating the story you want to tell, creating backdrops that showcase your holiday spirit, blending your objects and subjects believably into your background, learning all of the different ways that light has its own story to tell  and MORE!

1 Reviews for Holiday Magic Fundamentals

“This class is AMAZING! If you want to learn how to make composite from scratch you should really enroll! Shawna is a fantastic teacher and explains everything in detail. She is a Photoshop whisperer ;-)”