Holiday Card Compositing Fundamentals

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Holiday Card Compositing Fundamentals

Previously included in Foundations of Holiday Card Compositing, NOW available separately!

Included with purchase are the FOUR instructional videos Jessica taught with in her Foundations Course! Learn the fundamentals you will need to build beautiful holiday composites, and using it to your beautiful advantage in your own work!

Topics covered include: Blending and tonal matching your holiday composites, adding “Magic” to your composites: How to add that extra holiday magic to your image thru dodge and burn, curves, and overlays, how to build your very own holiday backgrounds from scratch to use for your cards, including how to create layered psd files to easily fit your subjects into the images, how to take your own holiday composite and learn to build your own card template with it along with how to use clipping masks and create your own text overlays and MORE!

1 Reviews for Holiday Card Compositing Fundamentals

“Excellent course!! I rarely leave reviews but felt compelled to do so because this one was so good, fun, and informative. Having no experience with compositing, I really appreciated the way Jessica explained what she was doing, and why, so that the background image and the subject image match in a way that makes the end result (composite) look its best and be believable. The only thing I'd say is missing from this is how or where to order printed cards once you're done with the card design. When we order cards, do they come with envelopes? ....signed Clueless”