Hallowed Portrait

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Hallowed Portrait

Pamela Canedo joins us as a Guest Instructor! Pamela edits beautifully and in this tutorial she teaches how to use Photoshop tools to craft a work of art! Fine tune your editing skills with the techniques Pamela teaches in this video!

1 Reviews for Hallowed Portrait

“This tutorial is mesmerising. Watching Pam work through her though process and eventually changing direction is fascinating. I learned a few techniques to help give the black and white that extra punch. One of the most important things for me is the 'pace' at which an edit is carried out. Pam is very careful to be slow enough to follow along without me having to continually pause and rewind to see what she did. Her pacing was excellent. I highly recommend this tutorial - the colour version is beautiful but once Pam converted it to black and white it transformed it into a masterpiece.”