From Vision to Reality

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From Vision to Reality

There was a moment long ago that imprinted itself onto my soul.  It spoke to me every day.  It called to me.  I thought it was telling me that it could be more.  Asking me to make it more beautiful, more perfect.  So I set out to do that.

But in the process, I learned that you can never really go home again, and we don’t get to live the same moment twice.  Life is always moving forward, everything always changing.  A photograph is the intersection between souls and moments, lines that will only ever cross once.  One chance to make that moment live forever. And a million other chances to create new ones.

Vision can’t be about recreating the past.  It is about knowing WHY  this moment has chosen you, and HOW to transform it into magic.

8 Reviews for From Vision to Reality

“I just bought and watched this Meg. I will watch this again. It was/is very inspiring. Never stop believing.”

— PAT C.

“I really loved this video. It is inspiring, and makes me want to get out there and connect with my own images again. Beautiful, Meg.”


“Sooo beautiful!”


“Beautiful! Very inspiring!”


“Powerful Message. Beautifully done.”


“I loved every second of this! This was powerful, emotional and so heartfelt. Megs words resonated with my soul on so many levels . Truly beautiful from start to finish, thank you for sharing ♥️ Lori Lesh”


“One of the most touching and soul-satisfying video's I have seen. I watched with tears in my eyes. I'm certain that this is one that I will watch again and again.”


“If You Enjoy Getting a Firsthand Glimpse into the Thought Process of Your Icons, This is For You. I Loved the Statement Made About Recreating a Feeling... I Get it It Brought Me Back to My Childhood on Long Island... The Images are Beautiful, as is The Message <3”