Foundations of Intermediate Composite Basics – June 2021

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Foundations of Intermediate Composite Basics – June 2021

Join Jessica Hatlen in a private immersive group experience where you will work together to learn the foundations of intermediate compositing basics! A truly immersive, original experience!

This course will work as a building block of the previous course, Foundations of Beginner Composite Basics and will feature the following: How to shoot your subjects to be most effective in your digital backgrounds. We will also be discussing subjects like adding lighting effects to your composites and how to create reflections in water. This class will come with a digital background to use for your intermediate compositing, or you can use one of your own..

Foundations of Intermediate Composite Basics will begin on June 14th. On the first day of class, Jessica will post an instructional video detailing the foundations of the course, and will assign an assignment. An album will be posted, and assignments will be due the following Thursday evening. On Friday, Jessica will choose ONE image that best features the foundations taught in the course, and she will post an explanation of why this image was chosen to be featured!

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to the Video in this course.

There is NO requirement that you post images or that you participate in the discussions. You are free to just read the threads and enjoy the video. We all learn at our own pace and in our own way. You can watch and follow along silently, if that is your preference.

The link to join the group will be available on the course page once you purchase the workshop. You will have to provide your email address AND secret code provided in order to join the private group! You will be approved individually, shortly BEFORE the experience begins.

Questions? Email us at if you have any questions and we will help you. Do not post on Facebook or PM us there. We do NOT check Facebook PMs.

1 Reviews for Foundations of Intermediate Composite Basics – June 2021

“This course absolutely blew my mind. We all started with the same flat digital background (it’s free with the course) and then had to turn it into a story. We focused on depth, horizons, reflections, sizing, light casting, color casting, motion blurs, camera raw filters within PS, vectors…sooo much goodness. I can’t say enough how absolutely worth it this course has been for me!”