Foundations of Dance – September 2022

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Foundations of Dance – September 2022

Join Aimee Johnson in a private immersive group experience where you will work together to learn to photograph beautiful dance portraits!! This Foundations course is open to ALL skill levels, and each level will learn and benefit from this month with Aimee!

Foundations of Dance will begin on September 5th and will continue for 4 weeks. Each Tuesday, Aimee will post an instructional video and each Monday, a critique video from Aimee will be posted.

Week 1: September 5 – Posing Individual Dancers — What you should look for when posing dancers?  What to expect from novice dancers vs. experienced dancers.  How to pose male dancers vs. female dancers. Dancers are very particular about their technique!
Week 2: September 12 – Costuming and Location — What to have dancers wear and where are some places to find costumes.  Different forms of dance (ballet, contemporary, modern) require different costuming.  Where should I take photos of dancers?
Week 3: September 19 – Posing Dancers Together — What are some challenges of posing dancer groups and how to prepare for them.
Week 4: September 26 – Headshots and photographing the ever-popular long skirts — Dancers attending auditions many times need headshots for their applications.  How are they the same and different from regular headshots?  Learn how to photograph the long, flowy skirts! 

The link to join the group will be available on the course page once you purchase the workshop. You will have to provide your email address AND secret code provided in order to join the private group! You will be approved individually, shortly BEFORE the experience begins.

Questions? Email us at if you have any questions and we will help you. Do not post on Facebook or PM us there. We do NOT check Facebook PMs.