Forest Dreamer

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Forest Dreamer

Michelle Grant joins us as a Guest Instructor! Michelle creates beautiful work and in this video she teaches how to use Photoshop tools to craft a work of art!

Fine tune your editing skills with the techniques Michelle teaches in this video!

2 Reviews for Forest Dreamer

“An hour-and-a-half of fabulous instruction! There are so many things I appreciate about this tutorial. One thing I like is that Michelle goes into more than just editing. She talks about the lighting challenge she had when creating this image, the resulting ISO noise she had to grapple with, and lens considerations for shooting in similar environments. Another thing I like about it is that she goes over the adjustments she made in Lightroom before she moves on to the Photoshop portion of the tutorial. (I find it incredibly helpful to hear about the Lightroom adjustment and the “why” behind some of the decisions made for doing certain steps in Lightroom vs. Photoshop - and I really appreciate it when instructors include information about why they make some adjustments in Lightroom vs. Photoshop.) Third, I found Michelle’s pace and instruction style easy to follow and understand. Very happy with my purchase.”