Focus Fundamentals

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Focus Fundamentals

Previously included in Focus Bootcamp, NOW available separately!

Included with purchase are the FOUR instructional videos Sarah taught with in her bootcamp! Learn the fundamentals you will need to improve focus in all of your images!

Topics covered include: why your images might be soft, and how to capture sharp focus indoors, outdoors and in groups and at night!

1 Reviews for Focus Fundamentals

“So I think this FUNDAMENTALS is just ok. For someone really trying to get sharp focused pictures and has a good understanding of the exposure triangle, I feel like this just keeps really saying the same thing but doesn't really talk much on things such as why a picture can be soft or how ways to really capture those sharp pics. For me, I can have all my settings right and still manage to get soft images. Didn't really get anything new out of this to learn why my pictures are sometimes soft.”