Five Minute Edit: Small Home Studio

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Five Minute Edit: Small Home Studio

The Five Minute Edit

Watch and learn how our artists use Photoshop to transform an image in five minutes or less.

You will learn amazing editing techniques without the use of actions!

2 Reviews for Five Minute Edit: Small Home Studio

“I loved this tutorial and got a variety of tips that were unexpected such as her method of enhancing and sharpening the eyes, and changing the backdrop! It's very inspirational to know what is possible with a single light in a small space, and only 5 minutes(-ish) to edit!”


“I learned a lot from this editing tutorial. I enjoy this instructor’s easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow teaching style. Hoping for more tutorials in the future from her (would love to learn more about how she makes her guest room photo studio work….how she does her sessions there…how to deal with light placement and lighting challenges when working in a small guest room space, etc). Thanks for this great editing video!!”