Family Posing Session

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Do you believe working with families is overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be.

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Family Posing Session

So many photographers believe working with families is overwhelming. It really is not. There are simple instructions and posing guidelines that can help you make your family sessions both styled and posed all while maintaining natural and loving interaction. In this workshop, I will be working with a family of FIVE, mom, dad and 3 children ranging in ages from 3-10 and a group of students to show you how to create a story for your family clients. This is a true workshop experience that you can watch from your own home. I will be talking, shooting, instructing and editing two images.

If you purchase this viewing session, you will receive Lifetime Streaming Access to the workshop video, including 2 edits of images produced during the workshop.  The download purchase receives a personal use license. This means that the content is only for your own, individual educational use. Sharing, displaying or otherwise providing content from within the download is not considered personal use. All intellectual property within the download is owned by Meg Bitton LIVE.

26 Reviews for Family Posing Session

“I am so pleased I purchased and watched this family posing session. The best part is that it was start-to-finish. I struggle with posing and lighting. This course covers all you need to know plus the edits. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about creating engaging family portraits with beautiful edits.”


“I usually don't give reviews, but this session was GREAT!! I learnt a lot, especially how it is important to find and know new locations, how to get the family together without any background between them and how to pose hands and hair.. Thank you Meg! You are really amazing and talented.”

— ADI B.

“Superb ! Cant wait to try out the tips!! How did you ever get baby to sleep through that whole first part and OMG! Willows 2nd dress!?! Tutu du Monde, perhaps?? so lovely.”


“This is awesome! I always feel stuck when it comes to families or larger groups. there are such great information and I am anxious to go right back out and try again!”


“Thank you, I needed this so bad! Im so much more confident now in posing & Im having fun with the different ideas. If you are photographing families or children, this is a must have!!!”


“I love this sooooo much!!!! Great posing tips! Meg never disappoints!!!!”


“Loved this! Absolutely worth purchasing!!! I learned so much watching it just the first time through but I know I'll watch it through a few more times. Lots of game changer "a-ha" moments while watching.”


“Just Amazing!! Definitely recommend if doing families!! :)”


“This was a game changer for me! I wasn't confident in posing my family subjects and I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong. But this workshop helped so much. I learned the adjustments I needed to make to really capture the bond of the family in my images. Meg is amazing and I'm so grateful she is sharing her knowledge and helping others to be the best they can be!”


“5 stars ....Watching helped me show a connection with families when posing. Thanks Meg for all the great advice I learned from this video.”


“I enjoyed Family Posing, this has a lot of great ideas for Posing, a fantastic buy.”


“My family posing was lacking during sessions. Now that I have this resource to go through, I've gained a new view on how to properly pose families, and a few things to avoid while posing. Thanks, Meg!”


“Meg covers so much in this workshop. Of course there is a huge focus on posing the entire family, but you will also gain so much more including learning a better workflow, interacting with the family and children, directing and taking control of your shoots!!”


“I love everything I've watched from Meg so far, but this was my first posing video and holy cow! So informative! I love the connections I always see in Meg's images but struggle getting them in my own. I feel like I got some great tips that I'm going to utilize in my next sessions!”


“This workshop is great for photographing families and gives you a different perspective on how to use the environment and leading lines to capture interesting and meaningful photos. Thanks again.”


“I love ALL Meg's workshops and edits and have been learning from her for years! Posing was a shortfall for me, so this really helped. Being hearing impaired and having lost almost 90% of my hearing, makes it extremely difficult to watch the videos now. Thank you Meg and Craig and your incredible team for adding CC to the videos! You have no idea how much this means to me! I feel like I can really learn again, and I am so incredibly grateful to be able to do so, not only in English, but in so many other languages too! Thank you for making my non-hearing a non-issue!”


“Meg makes it look so effortless. I hope I get there with a whole lot of practice. All the tips given certainly help. It's interesting how much time Meg will spend posing versus shooting. I always feel so pressured to start shooting. Definitely a game changing course for me.”


“Just finished watching Family Posing, so informative and luv your style Meg, Go with the flow when there are children involved. As always lots of information and motivation to improve my photography with Family Posing. Well worth the money spent!”


“This workshop was great! Had alot of good information about posing families. It opened my eyes to small detail things I didnt even think about. Now I will forever look at hands lol.”


“This workshop was a real eye opener for me. I had always prided myself on being an "unposed" photographer, and was feeling frustrated at times that the images weren't having the emotional impact I wanted. Sometimes I felt as though I was trying so hard to keep it "natural" that I forgot that it is my job to make sure they look put together. Meg is such a fantastic, no nonsense, tell it like it is teacher. Thank you for making your education available, affordable, and sharing so much of your process. One day, I WILL attend one of your workshops in person. I highly recommend!!”


“Meg shows you her approach to working with families. It's nice to see how others pose families in an easy to follow manner. I was able to gain some great tips for working with families of little kids.”


“This workshop was fun to watch. I struggle with posing people; I often feel intimidated moving and controlling others/their children. This workshop kind of gave me a confidence boost and helped me to understand that a good picture first consists of good posing. I took note of a few things and can't wait to apply it to tomorrows family session.”


“I'm not one for giving reviews, but this workshop video was AMAZING! Worth every penny!”


“I just finished watching Family Posing and it was just what I needed! I have family sessions coming up and I feel so much more prepared and will go in to these sessions with a whole lot more confidence! This video is so chalk full of great information! Meg is completely open and doesn't hold anything back. The family she used were not models....just a normal little family with active little ones so that was so much fun seeing how she posed and interacted with them! The video even helped me with "leading lines"!!! The editing section of the video was incredible as always!!! Bottom was worth every cent!”


“Absolutely amazing!! I have fall and Christmas family sessions coming up and this has helped so much!”

— EVA N.

“So much information that I need a family to shoot this moment! Thanks so much for all the good stuff in one course <3”