Fall in Love With Film

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Fall in Love With Film

Join CJ Draper as she teaches you to fall in love with film! Your purchase includes an e-book that goes over all of the ins and outs of developing film, and 4 videos where CJ shows you her process.

In the introduction, CJ mentions a URL you can visit to download the e-book, but we have attached it here for your convenience. Happy developing!

2 Reviews for Fall in Love With Film

“Absolutely LOVE - Step by Step CJ Explains How to Get Started With Film Development!! I Love the Accompanying PDF- it is FULL of Great Info About Different Film, and Different Cameras For Starters. Really Happy With This One, & More People Should Try it!!! <3”


“This is a set of short video clips teaching you how to turn your home into a temporary darkroom. This is not a video around film photography or editing of film images in the darkroom. Having not been in a darkroom in over 12 years I had forgotten so many of these easy-but-important steps. CJ makes it easy to learn (or remember) how to load your film in the dark, how to ensure you know ratios of chemicals to water, and so on. For anyone who wants to create a temporary darkroom in their home, this is a perfect video for you.”