Exploration: Journey 2019


Join Sarah Morris on Exploration: Journey Edits. Each week will feature a new image shot and edited from Sarah’s own personal Journey.

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Exploration: Journey 2019

Exploration: Journey 2019 includes BOTH Journey 2019 and Journey Edits 2019!

In Journey 2019, we will set out to define our bodies of work. To explore our edges, and to push those boundaries further. The Journey Edits is Sarah’s weekly addition to this course to incorporate new editing tools and vision into your own images as she shares her own workflow and techniques from start to finish. Each week will feature a new image shot and edited from her own personal Journey.

Some lifestyle, some city, some portraiture, and some nature photography and landscapes. This is Sarah’s own editing workflow — heavily inspired from what she learned from Meg. And it will evolve over the year as we all continue to share and talk about our journey together. One editing video a week. 52 week’s in 2019. Join Sarah for an Editing Journey.

As a member of Exploration: Journey 2019, you will receive access to BOTH a private community of fellow Journey members, and also 52 editing videos from Sarah’s own images shot during her own Journey.

***This is Tier 2 of Journey 2019. To access other features and more in depth instruction and editing tools, please see our other product: Awakening.

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