Editing Bootcamp June 2017

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We’ll work together to polish your editing skills. Let’s get it in gear and get this BOOTCAMP started!

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Editing Bootcamp June 2017 Includes:

8 Videos
5 Hours, 03 Minutes of Video
Lifetime Access
10 Reviews

Editing Bootcamp June 2017

Join me in a private Facebook group where we’ll work together to polish your editing skills.  I’ll give you feedback on YOUR editing, plus ASSIGNMENTS to help you bring your vision to life.   I’ll be editing some of YOUR images and some of MY images to help you find that Ah-ha moment that will transform your images to Works of Art!  Let me be the voice in your ear that guides you to be the best you can be.  Let’s get it in gear and get this BOOTCAMP started!

Every Monday I will be supplying an editing video in which I edit THREE of YOUR images. I will choose from the participants a before and after image and then I will critique the edit and supply you with one of MY images to practice on. You will also be given an assignment for the week.

Every Friday I will spend one hour in the group providing feedback to participants. I will also engage daily.

On the last day of the month I will choose 50 images and record a critique of them!

  • Week 1: June 5-9
  • Week 2: June 12-16
  • Week 3: June 19-23
  • Week 4: June 26-30

Please be aware that not EVERYONE will have the opportunity to have their images chosen or reviewed, however, this is an AMAZING opportunity to learn from each other.

You will receive LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of the Videos in this course.

There is NO requirement that you post images or that you participate in the discussions.  You are free to just read the threads and enjoy the videos.  We all learn at our own pace and in our own way.  You can watch and follow along silently, if that is your preference.

The Link to the Facebook group will be ON THIS PAGE after you purchase. The links will also be ON YOUR RECEIPT. Email us at SUPPORT [email protected] if you have any questions and we will help you. You will have to provide your email address AND invoice number in order to join the Bootcamp Facebook Group!!

10 Reviews for Editing Bootcamp June 2017

“This class has been amazing! I am so grateful for the opportunity that Meg has provided in offering this class. Very well worth the money! The knowledge gained within has been invaluable. I'm not learning how to be a Meg cookie cutter. Instead I feel she is giving me the tools to assist me in realizing my own artistic vision. She guides us through our mistakes and lets us know when things are done well. She always has something positive to say, even when critiquing something that isn't quite right. I feel like I've grown more in the past three weeks than in the last year. So many 'AHA!' moments, wheels turning, and things are just clicking left and right. For the first time, I am actually able to get my vision from my head, to my camera, and then into Photoshop to bring it to fruition. I am excited about my work for the first time in some time. I would recommend this class to anyone, regardless of skill level and experience. Jump on it if another is offered. Do not hesitate and you won't regret it! :)”


“I'm really glad I did this workshop. I started photography only 3 years ago, and have studied constantly since, trying to find my path and who I want to learn from. I have purchased many, many classes, (over 15 edits & workshops from Meg alone). Meg is an awesome teacher for me, she explains things simply, and quickly, yet fully, giving rhyme to her reason. Her creative process is her's alone, and I enjoy coming along for the ride. I have been hanging with Meg for a couple years now (only online) and I am never disappointed with what I get from buying what she is offering. I cannot say that about any other organizations who offer classes. What she shows us in her teachings is 1) relevant, I use every bit of info she speaks, 2) passionate, I've learned to see the potential in an image, not just what is there already, and 3) technically correct, this is important to me because I want to know how the industry does it and Meg is a true Pro. This bootcamp was particularly awesome bc Meg gave me so much more than I expected. This camp has included 3 edits from Meg each week, different topics and assignments, and I have seen my own personal growth in this short time. Just, thank you Meg!”


“We have completed the first week, and this is amazing! Far exceeded my expectations. Good lessons, fabulous seeing Meg critique and edit photos of others, and then going through and giving critique on many participants photos. The lessons are challenging, and that is good. Lots to learn and practice on. I can't recommend this enough!”


“Editing Bootcamp is a wonderful resource for those of us struggling to make our images to come to life. I have learned how my images can tell a story and how details can make your subject pop. With the help of Meg and all the other wonderful photographers in the group you can make your photos into a work of art!!!”

— AMY S.

“I have really loved this class so far. We are just starting the second week. I am starting to look at things differently and see things I didn't before. Meg is very considerate and spends quite a bit of time in the group and doing videos for the class. Definitely worth every penny I spent. So worth it.”


“Just a week in and this is an amazing product! The amount of time she puts into this both with the lesson plans and the critiques is awesome. I've learned so much already! I can't wait for the next lesson!”


“Love the bootcamp! I feel like I have already learned so much in the first week. Love to see images taken by other people in the camp and hear Meg's critique of them. You learn from other people and their mistakes as well!”


“I love how megbittonlive has so many different ways of teaching things. These interactive videos and facebook groups have provided me with so much already and it just started!”


“First week in and i'm already learning so much! This class is amazing!”


“I am extremely impressed. I would gladly purchase this product again. Learning how to tell a story with your image by separating tones and hand editing is an amazing process. I enjoyed watching how Meg chose to edit each image. It was also enlightening to see where others chose to go with their edits. I look forward to working on my own edit and seeing where my editing goes from here. I have always been a clean, basic editor but I am learning ways to bring my own vision to the image thanks to Meg! Meg is the ultimate visual teacher. I couldn't ask for a better instructor. Thank you, Meg, you're and amazing artist and tutor.”