Editing Fundamentals – Flashback

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Did you miss your chance to join Editing Bootcamp? Join me for a Flashback!

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Editing Fundamentals – Flashback

Did you miss your chance to join Editing Bootcamp?  Join me for a Flashback to Fundamentals!  You’ll get to see me edit images submitted by the people who attended the class.  You’ll also get to see me critique different images which were submitted at the end of the week after they had watched my initial video for each week.  There were 4 weeks in all, so you get EIGHT instructional videos which are packed full of knowledge!  It’s never too late to learn!  You don’t even need to put your boots on.  Just put your feet up and take a peek at Bootcamp with me!

You will receive Lifetime Access to the materials in this course.  The download purchase receives a personal use license. This means that the content is only for your own, individual educational use. Sharing, displaying or otherwise providing content from within the download is not considered personal use. All intellectual property within the download is owned by Meg Bitton LIVE.

*If you attended Editing Bootcamp in June 2017, you already have access to this material!

24 Reviews for Editing Fundamentals – Flashback

“Learned a lot and interesting to see how the layers are used.”

— ANA J.

“Probably one of my top purchases from Meg. It has SO much education in it. I come back to this one the most, because if I have a troubling photo, I can find something similar in this series and get inspired or remember a skill I may have forgotten. Worth the $$!!”

— AMY P.

“It was amazing! Even for me as a beginner it was so easy and educational. I even had to buy it as a gift for my friend just because I think everyone should watch it. Learned alot and had lots of "wow" moments.”


“This video was absolutely one of my favorites. It was so amazing watching Meg edit other people's images with her creative touch! I hope she does another soon!”


“I am the first video in and have already learned so much. This is awesome!”


“This was amazing! You provided so much information and I know I will be watching all these videos over and over again. Thank you Meg for helping me with my edits!!”


“Are you kidding me? This is an incredible product. If you're in doubt, just buy it (especially if it's on sale). This is literally an entire workshop. There are 4 rounds of Meg teaching editing and giving assignments to students, then critiquing their work with tips on what they can do to improve. Every round is packed with information and allows the viewer to see the images with Meg's eyes. You will never edit the same or look at your own images the same after watching this. I'm going to be watching and re-watching this over and over again. It's a ge changer!”


“Meg is a great teacher! Her step by step process makes it easy to follow. This course has given me new sight, I've learned so much. Thank you Meg!!”


“This course is super helpful!! It really helped me wrap my mind around tonal separation and why that is needed to really make an image pop. I have watched it twice and will definitely be referring back to it in the future. It's a fantastic investment for your editing education!!”


“At first I wasn’t sure about this purchase, thought I should have gotten something else. Right away, I couldn’t believe everything Meg was teaching! Even though it’s not my images being critiqued, so much helpful information!!! One of my best purchase!”


“This is by far my favorite purchase from Meg! I am learning soooo much! Highly recommended!”


“This should have been my very first purchace. Learning so much from watching. I'm sure I'll watch this many times just to soak in all the info.”


“Seriously amazing. I think this is my favorite meg purchase.”


“WOW!! I'm not even through the second video yet and there has already been so much amazing information. This is a MUST buy.”


“The amount of information tucked away in this course is mind blowing. Meg goes over so many techniques that can make an image go from good to WOW!!! She covers things from skin, to tonal separation and more. Simply amazing and worth so much more than the listed price!!”


“I wish I was 20 years old and had just found your videos Meg. I'm looking forward to going back on some photos to practice editing photos with all of this new knowledge and technique. What a wonderful purchase!!!”


“Whoa! There is a LOT here. So much to learn and seeing Meg's take on others' work really helped me start figuring out how to look at my own. It takes time to develop an eye but it won't happen if you don't just start doing it.”


“I consumed these videos in record time. So much to learn. I loved the review videos. Seeing other photographers edits and having meg critique them was so enlightening to me. I could see my own art in some of the critiques and was able to take so much away from it.”


“I absolutely love editing bootcamp. I learn so much from Meg editing her images, but I also have learned so much when she looks at, reviews, and critiques the student's work. It was an eye opening workshop where I learned how to look for improvements in my own work as well as many many writing tools and tricks.”


“There is SO MUCH information in this course! Meg does so many edits in here as well so it is worth every.single.penny!!!”

— AMY J.

“This is an incredibly comprehensive compilation! Including 12 FULL EDITS, countless image critiques and a wealth of knowledge from the amazing mind of Meg Bitton. She covers tonal separation, faces (skin, eyes, eye contact and more) as well as beautiful black and white edits. This is PERFECT FOR ANYONE with a basic knowledge of layers and masks in Photoshop, including well seasoned editors looking to add some "wow factor". Let Meg give you full control over your editing so you can create captivating pieces of art. Worth every penny!”


“I bought the bootcamp-flashback! This is a wow! So much learning! I know I will keep watching this as I learn from the critiques and the edit of the young woman! WOW!. Thank you for making this available to those of us who did not attend. It is definitely of the best purchases.”


“This is an extremely amazing bootcamp! The Editing Bootcamp was a life changer for me, wow! So inspiring! I've learnt SO MUCH from this bootcamp! Meg, as always, is an amazing teacher. I recommend this a 100%, Meg's teaching videos are, by far, the best videos available. Thank you Meg!!”

— LIZ L.

“Awesome!!! I've learned a lot!!! One of the best that Meg offers!!!”