Digital Background: Strolling with Santa

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Digital Background: Strolling with Santa

Included with purchase is a flattened digital background including a Strolling Santa, perfect for your holiday composite creations!

The download purchase receives a personal use license. This means that the content is only for your own, individual educational use. Sharing or otherwise providing content from within the download is not considered personal use. All intellectual property within the download is owned by Meg Bitton Productions.


1 Reviews for Digital Background: Strolling with Santa

“I was so excited about this one and couldn't wait for it to come out. I would like to request if this can be fixed on hits hat. It looks as though some parts were not masked off and he has a lot of purple around the hat and hair that I cannot seem to remove. Is there maybe another copy of this that can be replaced, or is actually supposed to be like that? I adore this drop so much just want to fix that part or have someone tell me what to do. I have some clients that are wanting this and I just want to be sure before I commit to delivering this”