Crazy Magic 2020


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Crazy Magic 2020

Join me for my brand new workshop, Crazy Magic. This exclusive workshop is new for 2020 and will be my most comprehensive workshop to date. We will delve into how to find your voice and vision in order to bring your art to life. We will tackle instinctual business and marketing, which will include pricing and your digital footprint. We will get to the heart of what is holding you back.

In order to tell an effective story, you must have proper technique. Our time together shooting will not only teach you that technique but also to speak clearly through your images. We will explore lighting in many different situations including studio, on location natural light, and outdoor.

Once we work on identifying your vision and you have shot the images you desire, the final piece is bringing your vision to life through your editing. Editing is such an essential part of the process. We will sit down together one on one to edit an image of your choosing. This workshop will also include a portfolio review if you choose.I urge everyone in attendance to be apart  of each one on one by listening.

This is a unique experience you don’t want to miss. Leave here ready for whatever you want to build. Because YOU CAN. It’s time to bring in person workshops back to where they should be.

Tentative Schedule as follows:

Friday February 7: 5 pm-9 pm with dinner and introductions
Saturday February 8:  full day 11 am-8 pm
Sunday  February 9: 11 am-5 pm

All meals, snacks and transportation will be provided during workshop hours. Airfare and accommodations are not covered. The most convenient hotel is The Clinton Inn. Rooms are approximately $159.00 per night. The closest airports are Laguardia and Newark. Transportation from the airport to the hotel is available via Uber, taxi or private car service.

I reserve the right to decline anyone entrance.

My workshops do not have a mileage restriction or a contract. They are open to anyone, at my personal discretion of course. I have no contract. If you teach, I would be proud for you to take some of my methods and help your own mentoring program.

There are NO REFUNDS.