Composites for Kids – June 2021

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Composites for Kids – June 2021


Join Jessica Hatlen on a 4 week adventure, starting on June 7th, learning how to use Photoshop to create composites the KID’S WAY in a private Facebook group. By the end of the 4 weeks, your child will graduate with new knowledge and a super fun experience for all of them.

**This group is not geared toward any specific age group. There are four year olds that CAN do it, and fifteen year olds that CANNOT. You have to use your own discretion.

The 4 week schedule for Composites for Kids is:

Week 1-Selecting subjects
Week 2-Shadowing subjects
Week 3-Blending
Week 4-Using all your tools learned to create your own composite.

Jessica will be providing backgrounds for participants in Weeks 1-3, along with other fun surprises along the way!!

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“Fantastic course, bought it for my child, learnt a lot myself! <3”