Classic Photoshop Edits

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Learn to Edit your Images in Photoshop. No Actions Needed.

Classic Photoshop Edits

Want to learn how I edited many of my Classic Photoshop Edits? Included in this bundle are TEN of my Classic Edits using a number of different Photoshop techniques. Transform your editing by adding these tools to your workflow!


271 Reviews for Classic Photoshop Edits

“Just wow, this was great to watch. I can't wait to do this challenge.”


“Great for those starting out in photoshop”


“I Just watched the video of the edits of the Maternity shoot in the water. WOW. I just learned so much in this ONE video. I cannot even remember when I bought these teaching videos & have just now started watching them. What have I been waiting on ???? I've watched 2 & took very detailed notes. I'm so excited to learn what I've learned, now to do these things by myself. Great amazing teaching. thanks so much”


“As always, really amazing!”


“I have watched my classic edits videos 3 x and each time I learned something new. I never realized until I watched meg’s Video how you can take a good photo and turn it into an eye catching stunning photo by using her editing techniques. She teaches you how to enhance colors and add light and how to make your subject become the center of attention. Her videos make me want to get out and shoot and turn my photos into works of art. She’s extremely talented and I am so glad she is sharing her knowledge with photographers. And the price was so fair!”


“Absolutely amazing. Learnt so much from this.”


“I think the classics should be in every photographer's library. Meg is an excellent teacher who can break it down, and make it so easy to understand!”


“Upgrade my work!!”

— LIZ B.

“It so good to see the best working. Almost perfect. Almost because is to fast... A bit slower and will be perfect. Just 110%”


“This is one of my favorite courses from Meg! I come back to these edits again & again to help me learn photoshop. As a recent PS user, making the jump from lightroom to PS, following Meg's step by step instructions has made all the difference to my editing skills. I can't believe the difference in my final images after following her techniques! Thanks Meg!”


“I love the different edits for seasons and places. A great buy for any situation! Thank you Meg!”


“Being a complete novice in photoshop these edits are so easy to follow along too. So much content in one purchase. Highly reccomend. They have been a huge help on my photoshop journey!”


“Looove these edits!!”


“This was my first purchase on MBL and it's a perfect combination of edits to help you understand Meg's process. I love it.”


“These lessons are really amazing and easy to understand - step by step, you learn to get more out of your pictures. I like how Meg edits her pictures. Highly recommended!!! :)”


“Thank you Meg for your teachings. It feels so good to be able to edit your work and not use an action.”


“I just watched your videos on Classic Photoshop Edits. Wonderfully done and so much to learn! Would you consider doing a video on people and pet portraits? I understand that editing pet/animal fur can be a bit challenging. Thanks so much.”


“This is my favorite purchase from Megs edits!”


“Bardzo przydatne!!!”


“I really love the way of these editions, very easy to follow and amazing results!”


“Estoy emocionadísima con el curso. Es muy fácil de seguir y he aprendido muchísimo. Merecen muchísimo la pena. Estoy deseando poner en práctica todo lo aprendido. Mil gracias .”


“Hello Meg Wow I am so fortunate that i beat the deadline in the purchase of the Classic Tutorial Videos. I learned a lot from your video. I cannot wait to purchase more advance and more techniques from you. I am so amazed and thrilled.”


“Notes From Justin Draper: “Meg’s courses are amazing. I feel like her editing techniques have taken my images to the next level. I will never be “done” learning or 100% satisfied with my work, but I absolutely feel i am on my way. Every video in this bunch is amazing. You can learn so much from each if you sit back, take your time, and pay attention to the details. I’m extremely glad I bought these courses. I feel it is an absolute must have. This picture of my wife during our third pregnancy was brought to life simply by listening to Meg and applying what she says. Thank you Meg!””


“Absolutely love watching Meg's videos. Her editing style is what I envision when I shoot, yet I was never quite able to achieve the look. She walks the viewer step by step in her process as she's doing the edit. I've been using the same tools she's using for years and it just never clicked for me until now. And if you're not quite sure how the tools work, Meg's Zero to series is incredible to learns exactly what she does and why it works. Love love love it.”


“This is more than amazing way to learn!!!!”


“This is soo good!! You will learn soo much totatly worth.”


“I just got through my first tutorial and couldn’t wait to post my review! Thank you Meg for explaining each and every step without too much talk! A lot of other tutorials I’ve seen have the instructor talking too much about irrelevant things. You are clear and concise and I’ve just learn more than I ever thought possible! Thank you!!!”


“These tutorials are amazing! Thank You Meg for sharing you visions with us and making them simple to understand.”


“Meg is such an amazing teacher!!! Love ! Love! Love her teaching ! She simplifies it all and truly opens your eyes to endless possibilities!”


“Meg is an amazing teacher!!! Love ! Love! Love !”


“Very helpful and easy and slow enough to understand. Beautiful images in the end.”

— .

“Thank you for these edits and the bonus edit. It was amazing to see how you used curves only to create a magical image. I love how you show us how to use the Curves tool. Thank you!”


“This is my 1st Meg Bitton purchase & I'm glad I did it. Being new to photography, I really learned what wonders layers & curves can do. I really recommend everyone to purchase this if you are serious in making your pics beautiful.”


“I loved this! I learned so much watching these edits! Highly recommend for anyone wanting to improve their editing skills!”


“Wow! Thank you for the bonus!!”


“I can already tell that this is one I'm going to come back to many times in the future to remember all of Megs little tips and tricks for each type of image. Amazing.”


“I love it :) Soo much learning with all this edits! totally worth.”


“Cannot go wrong with any of Meg's videos!!!!”


“As always, Meg rocks!”


“I am new to all of this and love the tutorial edits....I just have one question...what does invert mean...I am watching you go through step by step and then you say you are going to this a key stroke?”


“This was the first video I ever purchased from Meg Bitton Live and it has helped me so much. I have watched it multiple times and each time I learn something new. Meg is fantastic at explaining what she is doing as she does it.”


“Wow! Your work is totally amazing, and to watch your magic come to life is such an honor! I learned so much from these videos and I can't wait to buy more!!!”


“Your mind will be blown! I absolutely love this!”


“I'm from Hungary and my english is not very good, but but it was still understandable to me. I think I will buy next time. Thank you Meg!”

— TáLAS N.

“Thank you Meg, this is great, if your looking for somewhere to start theses edits are straight forward to learn from.”


“Such a great bundle! And covers so many things”


“Each video in this series is filled with beauty and helpful tips, thank you again Meg for another amazing product! <3”


“Amazing videos! It is so much easier now with these tips, thank you so much meg!”


“This course was a gift from my best friend and has changed EVERYTHING about the way I edit. Prior to this I only edited in photoshop very occasionally, and I would try so hard in LR to achieve the results I get now so easily in PS. Not only is it easier, but it LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER! Buy it, you will not regret it! Dee Chapman”


“I have only watched 3 of the videos and already I have made major improvements to my photos. It is very easy to follow. And I love Megs style. Thank you for sharing your talents.”


“these are so fabulous very useful edits <3”


“I've been loving Meg's style for awhile now. So grateful she is will to share her tips and tricks. Great product! Thanks.”


“This was fantastic!”


“I am so very glad that I found this site. Meg is awesomely talented & it is equally awesome that she shares her talent with all of us. I have learned so much already & I just got started. :)”


“Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! This has been a game changer for me!”


“I am so very glad I purchased this!”


“Amazing, very easy to learn and follow and the result is fantastic! Meg you're the best! Thanks for sharing this with us :)”


“Amazing, simple to understand, very easy to follow! This edits are beautifull!”


“Thank you so much Meg! It's wonderful to watch such talent at work and to have you share this with us at such an affordable price is awesome! Again ,thank you for sharing your talent!”


“I am absolutely IN LOVE with this set of edits. Thank you, Meg, for sharing your talents with us! This is something I have always wanted to learn to do better, and without actions. I have learned so much just in the first couple that I have watched. The lessons are so easy to follow, and the results are MAGICAL!”


“Thank you! The lessons are realy easy to understand and the result is a magic. When I started watching these videos - I could not tear myself away from them!”


“So many times, I stared at my photos. Focus - spot on, white balance - perfect, composition and client- nailed it. But it always lacked something. I found that something in these simple edits. I want to tell a story with my client as the main character. These edits help my create a story from beginning to end. Thank you for sharing.”


“THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This is taking my work to the next level!”


“Magic! As I try can't get such view! but will work hard learning from MEG to become professional! Greetings from Lithuania, Thank you!!”


“I am SO happy with my purchase !! I can´t stop watching and practicing, I have not finished with these and I am already looking through the list to see which will be my next ! Really awsome !”


“Seriously LOVE! I honestly feel pretty solid in Photoshop, but felt like I was missing "tweaks" from a creative perspective that I just couldn't put my finger on. I learned something from every single one of these videos. SO worth it! What I learned here is going to put me exactly where I want to be.”


“First of all... I've only watched two of the videos thus far- but felt I could go ahead and leave a review. I was very skeptical about my purchase- but realizing my images were still lacking something, I decided to see what Meg could teach me. Everything I know about photoshop, up to this point, I've learned the hard way from YouTube videos (you know the ones, those silent or fast edits that you have to stop 500 times to apply the technique to your image, but never really understand the purpose behind most of the tools- yeah those!). Meg's first two videos just taught me how to properly apply curves and levels to make dark and dull photos pop... (who knew!). Can't wait to watch the others- I have a feeling things are going to be clicking all day for me.”


“There are no words for just how amazing these edits have been for me! I have learned so much from just a few videos of Meg's that I never learned in any of the hundreds of YouTube videos I watched before finally purchasing an edit. I am now OBSESSED with every single edit and cannot wait to purchase and learn more. Meg, you have changed my photography career and I have gained so many new clients and so much more passion for what I do thanks to your edits, Thank you so much Meg!”


“I am a hobby photographer and I have bought a few of Meg Bitton’s videos. I can tell you they are all amazing. If you hesitate which one would be the best for you, start here. Warning! They are addictive!?”


“Amazing like always. Meg's edit's never disappoint.”


“These are absolutely amazing! Such a great deal on a variety of different edits!”


“Meg, wow, you have outdone yourself once again. I absolutely love watching and learning from your videos. I have learnt so much about photoshop in the few videos that I do own and these Classic Photoshop edits are AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and passion with us and allowing us to better ourselves with each photo we edit.”


“love love love every edit.... good investment for Newbies thanks Meg for the sales and discounts. Saving for more edits.”


“So glad I purchased this. I have learned so much and have been inspired! Meg is easy to follow. I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of Meg's work to purchase Classic Edits. I am sure you will be inspired too!”


“Amazing! These video's truly inspire the artist inside of you. While I have been doing photography for only a few short years Megs editing video's and workshops are a huge help in assisting me in achieving the style that I finally am growing into. Thank you Meg! You are an awesome teacher and person for sharing your knowledge and talent with the world <3”


“Thank you so much for having the closed captioning. It includes about 7 languages, even Chinese. Wow. That's awesome. It really helps a lot when I watch it at night while my kid is sleeping beside me. It helps to follow the steps too. I love the step by step instructions, easy to learn from you.”


“I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning from this wonderful compilation of Classic Edits. Meg's skills are amazing and the way she teaches is very easy to follow. I love her edits and will come back for more!!!”


“Thank you so much for sharing your skills. I am loving the way you instruct, you actually talk us through it and show us where to go. This is how I learn. I cannot wait to apply what you have shared!!!! I just purchased these video' ca we download them to our computers? Or do we have to pull the email with the receipt of purchase to watch the videos from there?”


“Meg, I just paused my first video for a second just to tell you THANKS for having closed captioning. As a hard of hearing person, this helps immensely!! Thank you!!!!”


“You taught me something more valuable than editing. You taught me how to stop over-editing. I have bought so many actions and broken them down and figured them out, but that didn't stop me from overdoing it. You taught me to stop, take a step back and say "that looks good to me." I do nothing but tear apart my images from beginning to end. You love yours from start to finish, enhancing just enough to show what you saw to begin with. Its going to be a tough change for me, but I have already started and I see so much more detail in my images now. I had no idea I was taking away that much quality by editing them too much. <3 Its true, you are magic.”


“Photoshop use to overwhelm me, but these edits, are truly phenomenal and has given me enthusiasm to edit in photoshop. Meg's videos are easy to understand and follow and is a wealth of knowledge. I love how all Meg's purchases have life-time access, which means if you have moments of being overwhelmed with editing, you can come back when you have gained more confidence and 'have another go.'”


“I have watched entirely too many videos on YouTube and could not get WHY they were doing what they were doing.. I tried to copy them exactly and it looked cheesy because it was a different photo!! This is a wonderful first purchase if you don't really know where to start on hand editing. It gives several types of edits which can be applied in different ways to make your photos shine! This is absolutely worth the price, IMO!”


“amazing , i love everything about theses edits , the videos are so easy to follow and the result is just mind blowing”


“Outstanding! Learned so much... I am not a portrait photographer but this could sway me ;-). Thank you for making this available!”


“These are some of the best editing videos I've seen! Soooooo very glad I purchased. You won't regret it!”


“I'm just watching the first video now, but this is very informative. I'm learning something new, thank you so much for this.”


“A million thanks to you Meg. You make it look easy and simple without masking intricacies. Now I just have to wait for my creativity to kick in! LOL! Love your tutes.”

— RON D.

“Easy to understand and follow along. Meg's calm voice really gives you the confidence that you can really rock your curve adjustments and create a masterpiece. The workflow is seamless and easy to pause and work along side with Meg. Great collection. Thank you for creating this series.”


“Some of the BEST editing videos I have watched! Clear and direct instruction with simplicity in execution. I highly recommend her videos.”


“Meg's edits are amazing, easy to follow and a great investment! I wish I had purchased sooner, I feel like I have learned so much already. You can watch these over and over, or pause to edit your own images & learn the techniques at the same time. Thanks Meg!!”


“This is an absolutely gorgeous image and I adored watching this video. So many interesting tips and tricks to making your image light and airy, with a lovely winter feel. Meg takes you from start to finish and she is very easy to follow, teaching obviously comes naturally to her. I learned some really neat things and I can't wait to edit my own images. This is a great editing video for beginners and advanced photoshoppers alike, you will not be disappointed!”

— SAM D.

“Very easy to follow and super informative. These are the first videos of Meg's that I've bought, but I'm hooked and will be buying more. This collection gives great information on how to edit a variety of different types of photos--I had NO experience editing in Photoshop without actions before these and I've learned so much already!”


“Meg has a careful work from start to finish. This is lovely.”


“Where do I start, these edit tutorials are just so easy to follow for such amazing results, all 10 edits can be used on any image and take it from dull to eye popping. Meg i'm so grateful you love to teach us how you achieve your beautiful final images. Thank you xx”


“This was just amazing to watch! First, Meg was very easy to follow and makes achieving her classic looks a breeze! Of course in our own ways ;) I found her voice very soothing and it was a treat to listen to while editing. I would say this is very useful for beginners to follow--- as a newbie I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up, but it was very easy to do. If you are advanced in photoshop---- you will still learn how to transform ordinary images into real works of art and you can really stand out in the crwod with all of her little tricks and tips. I've very happy with my purchase! It is a great investment and i look forward to watching everything... and of course order more ;) Thanks again!”

— SAM D.

“:O L <3 V E !!!!!! I am Definitely Treating Myself to the All Access Pass For the New Year!! ;D Fantastic!!”


“The Classic Edits has a bit of everything, and there is a huge amount of information in this!! I am amazed every time I watch a new edit from Meg - there's always something new to learn from her. Thank you Meg!!”


“I've only watched for a few minutes of each one due to time constraint and OMG, what i have learned in a few minutes. She is legit talented. I thought to myself, I'll only have to buy this set, but no. There is no way I won't buy more, especially the skin edits. Very VERY happy I purchased this. Thanks Meg.”


“Thanks Meg - your work is so creative & I have learned many many skills. Much appreciated.”


“Loving how simple Meg makes everything. Thanks so much”


“I’ve learned a lot from Meg’s videos! I used to rely on just actions and presets, but now I know how to hand edit photos on my own. Thank you, Meg!”


“I had been torn over which edits to purchase, and this was amazing that it incorporated so many different styles. I'm amazed at how much I learn every single new session I watch! Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us Meg!”


“This packing is awesome! I love Megs teaching. These edits are easy to follow and are simply stunning. The variety in this collection makes it a must have. I used to dream of editing how I do now and I thank Megs edits and her workshops. I have learned new things with this collection and can't wait to put them to use.”


“I am so excited about this package! I have a studied a few of Meg's edits that I purchased recently and have been able to easily transform my photos into what I had envisioned them to be when I originally captured them. Meg's instruction is step by step and easy to follow, and for me, opened up so many more creative possibilities in Photoshop.”


“I love this package because it touches on a lot of different locations and different lighting situations.”


“I have purchased several edits and workshops from Meg and I have to say that just when you think she has out-done herself she takes it just one step above. This package has just a little bit of everything put into 1 basket. She is by far 1 of the best people to learn from as she explains step by step what she is doing and why. There isn't any learning investment by her that isn't outstanding.”


“The variety of edits in this package is great! From newborn to studio and outdoor, from bringing back color into a backlight image to learning how to make the focus on the subject and remove distractions, to learning how to use curve adjustments. color balance and other editing skills. Easy to follow and watch again to perfect in your own images. From start to finish with each edit, WOW always comes at the end! Overall great package to start your editing journey or to learn new skills down the road!”


“Meg is an amazing artist. I have been following her for a couple years now and have been taking her online classes for a year. She has taught me so much. These edits are a must have to teach you all you need to know about using the various tools in photoshop. I could not have done it without the help of Meg.”


“Meg Bitton demonstrates natural teaching skills in all aspects. Her ability to convey an understanding of knowledge in her edits is clear & straightforward. Learning with Megs guidance and skill. Her aim is to have acquire your own interpretation of artistry. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of this community.”


“I absolutely love the range of edits that you get in this classic package! The edits are absolutely gorgeous, I love learning new techniques. Meg goes over each part slowly and clearly. With there being so many different scenarios it really enables you to find relevance and ways to apply the techniques into your own images!”


“The diversity in this set of edits is fantastic. Whether you are a beginner or a little more photoshop-savvy, it will inspire you to try some new things and go looking for more!”


“This is a must have! Very happy with the purchase!”


“It’s amazing to me how simple yet how beautiful the transformation is in the after. My first edit with Meg was a silent, one time view so these are Perfect!!”


“This is an amazing collection of edits! Everything I love about Meg's style is explained in these videos. I have been away from photography for a couple of years so this was perfect to give me a refresher about the power of photoshop and turning out vision into a reality. This is a must have for anyone looking to give their photos that special "Meg" touch!”


“I’m a “newbie” at this photoshop thing and I typically only adjust lighting, fix blemishes, and make the eyes pop. Watching Meg’s step by step video, I’m confident that I will actually be able to achieve these edits just as she has. One of my favorite thing about seeing a professional photographer’s edits, is the befores and afters. It just amazes me at how they can transform a photo. The transformations are limitless. With Meg’s help, I know I’ll be able to achieve edits like the ones I’m in awe over. Well done Meg!!”


“WOW! So impressed! This is a fantastic collection of edits MEG has put together! I love listening to her as she is easy to understand, easy to follow and gets straight to the point. I have learned so much since I started investing in her education. My photoshop skills have expanded and my time spent on each image has decreased since watching the very first class I purchased. That is priceless! This collection covers a good variety of edits that you won't want to miss out on.”


“This collection of 10 edits is wonderful. The videos are easy to follow which makes duplicating the effect achievable for any level photographer. A great addition so anyone's editing resources. A+”


“Each and every edit in this video is amazing, pack with information covering many different lighting situations. I specifically like the maternity segment because she shows how to correct uneven darker complexion taken under shade. Her techniques are so easy to understand and I am so glad I found her facebook account, and her generousity. Otherwise it would break my bank account to have all of these at full price!”


“These edits are amazing. There is so much information shared in these videos. It's amazing to watch Meg transform images and to see her vision come to life. I love hearing her explain every single thing she does, without using actions or presets. These edits anyone can do and she shares those tools with us. These classic edits cover so many different scenarios. It's really amazing to be able to watch them all in one place. These will get you inspired and ready to try new things. I especially loved the beach, newborn and forest.”


“Megs edit videos are beyond amazing. Step by step real time instructions to help you with basic curves, layers, and masks. Definitely an editing gsme changer! Highly recommend!”

— KIM H.

“Game changer, easy to follow along, breaks down the basic techniques with layers, curves and masks. This will significantly improve my edit game.”


“I've been a fan for awhile and have been blessed to be able to purchase a few edits which I have learned SO much from. This video did not let me down. You learn so much about photoshop! It is a crash course and really what I need to perfect my work. I really enjoyed the edits because They cover a wide variety of editing skills. Be prepared to take notes and rewatch several times. She walks you through the steps but as a newbie with photoshop I had to watch several times. Now I can't wait to go out and practice on some of my pictures.”


“I am so glad I purchased this set of videos. They are truly inspiring. Learning the tips, techniques and tricks Meg uses for her editing will have you practicing on some of your older photos in no time. These contain so many pearls of wisdom. Definitely a tool I am going to come back to time and time again.”


“Love the videos. It's amazing how quick she can turn a photo into a beautiful work of art. I love all the colors in the outdoor edits. I feel like the newborn edit will only be helpful if you are using a white backdrop/blanket. I didn't love the newborn edit, I prefer darker tones and moody editing with newborns but that's just my personal preference. I think my favorite edits were the forest edit and classic fall 2, so helpful! I found myself thinking "ahhhh yes, I have always wanted to do that but never knew how!" Every video is short which I like because I loose interest fast! Although the videos are kinda fast to follow, I find myself pausing a lot to find stuff. I think I need to work on learning the shortcuts to photo shop! Something I found very neat is how she uses the liquify tool, I'm super excited to play around with that more! She does the smallest fixes but a big difference. My brain is overflowing with new photo shop tricks, I can't wait to try stuff out that I learned! Meg is a wonderful teacher.”


“Meg's classic edits cover a variety of subjects, seasons and locations, i find meg's editing techniques easy to follow and her explanations are clear and easy to understand. I love that she edits from scratch and it's not full of actions and overlays. Meg's use of curves and layers is awe inspiring and i now hope to implement the same skills to my editing process. Classic edits would be my recommendation for a first buy.”


“These edits are absolutely amazing, I love how meg explains everything clearly and covers a wide range of techniques. This collection is a must have for anyone.”


“Wow, wow WOW!!! These edits are just mind blowing, such a gorgeous set of images, One’s of which I swoon over for some time! Xx”


“Excellent set of editing videos! Meg is amazing, the photos are amazing!”


“This selection of edits covers such a wide variety of techniques, seasons and locations. If you are not sure where to start or which edit to buy first this is what you need. I love how Meg's videos are easy to follow and jam packed with information yet short and sweet (no "fluff" and meaningless talk), leaving no excuses for not having time to watch or loosing interest halfway through. Even at the full price it is great value for money! Thank you for another amazing product Meg, I have learned more than I could have ever imagined over the last 12 months from you.”


“Clear explanations. Little fast to follow at times, but amazing tips that you can apply to your own pictures. Worth the money!”


“This is a must have bundle! Each video has so many helpful tips and tricks! This collection gives you a good variety of edits for outside and inside the studio. From inside with a newborn to outside in winter, this bundle covers many different types of session edits. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand and you can pause and go at your own pace. Meg explains her every step from Lightroom to photoshop and how to use the tools. She even explains how to reverse your brush if you've gone too far and how to make your subject pop. If your trying to decide what edits to purchase, this bundle is a great choice!”


“Incredible! Thank you again for your invaluable teaching Meg. Their is such an amazing variety for all images. I have put them in to practice and I'm sitting here secretly admiring shots that I hadn't even chosen, these edits change your whole mindet from the way I photograph, choosing backgrounds that make a impact and of course the editing. Again thank you.”


“The VALUE of this product is incredible! The edits cover most of the situations: studio, outdoor, forest, city, underexposed image, backlit image. I have bought single edits, and "Editing bootcamp flashback", and was unsure whether i needed to buy more of "editing stuff" but now, after watching it, i do recommend it even if you already have edits from Meg ! Very happy i bought this! <3”


“I really enjoyed watching Meg edit these videos. My photoshop skills are mediocre and I could easily follow along and comprehend what she was doing. For someone who has no experience with curves layers or color adjustment layers, I'd suggest furthering your education on that before trying to follow these edits. Beautiful as always!”


“Wow, wow, wow. So much to learn, Meg has such an eye to enhance any image. These are amazing learning tools.”


“I feel so lucky that I got in on this at the right time...The techniques shown in these videos are amazing!! Even at full price this is well worth the money. She covers so many types of edits and techniques. I couldn't be happier that I watched these....”


“I feel so lucky that I got in on this at the right time. The techniques show in these videos are amazing!! Even at full price this is well worth the money. She covers so many types of edits and techniques. I couldn't be happier that I watched these....”


“WOW! This truly is the best purchase I have made in a long time. From the step by step instructions, to watching each click, to the secret tips and tricks! Amazed with each video and can not wait to practice! Beautiful images, beautiful soul ❤️❤️ Speechless!!!”


“This was my first set of videos I bought. I have been editing my images for 2 years in Photoshop and I didn't know most of what was in the videos. Why? Because I kept telling myself that although I know I needed to/wanted to learn to get better, that I didn't have the time. Well tonight I made the time and I am so glad that I did. I thought in the first video that she was going fast but I figured out she was probably going over basic things that most lower level user should know. And by the 2nd video, I was catching on. I like that you can rewind and rewatch because it takes a few times for me. I like the maternity one because I felt it was the most real, being underexposed, it is something that many photographer do. I like the Backlit video, I thought it was the one with the most drastic change. I will definitely be back for more!”


“I watched these edits in succession, and was entranced and inspired. What I love about this set especially is that there's such a broad range of subjects/settings but also a super broad range of edits in this set. The edit in its entirety is amazing. Break it down and every minute is such valuable learnings. You can apply all or some to your own work. The narrative is great by Meg, not only are her explanations of the edits fantastic, but she explains 'why' that edit is important to her, and with that you can take those learnings to your own images, and apply it to your style. What I personally took from this, apart from curves and gradients are amazing, is that I won't abandon an image based on it not being perfect SOOC - focus is super important, as I notice in all the edits I own, there's never a sharpening adjustment, but light, colour and feel can be tweaked to bring a fabulous image to life. Will be forever grateful that I have this set in my ever growing collection! x”


“I am so extremely grateful for all the "in detail" steps you share. You really hold nothing back, and I can highly recommend your products a thousand times over! Thank you so much and please keep doing what you do! Loving every second of the learning process and constant lightbulb moments. xxx”


“So many tips and tricks that I can incorporate into my own editing. I like how she goes through her workflow. If there needs to be more explanation as to what and why she's doing something then she'll give that info. I was able to take away something from all the edits in this collection.”


“The Classic Photoshop videos are amazing! I loved getting reminded of all the great ways to use the tools that I love in Photoshop! I love that Meg starts each video with information about each image such as the ISO, lens, fstop and shutter speed. Throughout the videos she explains what she is doing and reminds you of the tool that you will be using. In the Classic Maternity video Meg spends a good amount of time working with the liquify tool, and that is an area that I struggle with, so I loved getting to watch that and really learn. She changed the expression on the woman’s face with just a few changes like lowering her eyebrows. Really great information! I would highly recommend these videos and I am very happy with my purchase!”


“Fantastic! You get to see edits of images with different locations, different type of subjects and styles of images. Meg is a great teacher in that she explains in easy to understand verbiage in each next step of editing. I couldn't stop watching once I started! Not only did I learn a new tool but I now feel confident in a tool that I knew of prior! I will be re-watching this for sure because there is so much invaluable information in it! Thank you Meg for helping others to grow their knowledge and vision.”


“AMAZING!! Meg is the absolute best!! Every time I watch an edit I learn so much, things I never though were possible. Through Meg's edits I have been able to create images that I once dreamt of and brought them to life. These edits are so easy to follow, no matter what skill level you are you will not be disappointed.”


“There's so much to say, and it's such a great value! My biggest takeaways from my first viewing are about tonal separation for composition, manipulating color to fit the season (or your vision of the season), and removing distracting elements to improve the image. There are awesome examples to take you through the year. She also discusses how to work with an underexposed image, cool image, color casts, etc. Best of all, Meg teaches you how to control the image by using adjustment layers instead of excessive actions. You get a real sense of the strengths of each adjustment layer, which will allow you to hand edit images to fit your vision.”


“After just 2 minutes of watching the first edit I was hooked and had already learned something! I was very happy and impressed with the edits. I will recommend these classes, edits & workshops to all my photographer friends!!!!”


“If you are new or wondering where to start in Megs wonderful collection of edits, this would be it. Megs is strong in color theory and uses it throughout her edits; You will hear her say its too much of this color, I am bringing in this color (it's opposite ). Meg also uses a lot of curves and masks in her editing. These are some of the skills you will need to understand to be successful in editing photos. Beyond the technical you will find that these series covers just about any situation and location. She shoots from indoors to outdoors... There is newborn to adult maternity in the series. There is back lit and natural lights to studio lighting . There is just about all seasons also in this series; from Fall colors to light and airy look. I do honestly believe that this series covers a little bit of everything in it! It's an unbelievable series with unlimited uses and would be appropriate for all photographers, beginning to veterans. Not to mention Meg explains what she is doing in a very clear and understandable fashion and a steady pace making it the perfect set of videos to learn from. Thank you Meg for your hard work and outstanding videos!!!”


“This was fantastic to watch and pretty easy to understand. I do with Meg would explain some of her choices more. But the amount of information in these videos is simply amazing!”


“Amazing. I love these edits. Wonderful work flow. Thank you so much Meg. This will definitely push me to the next level.”


“This is such a great series all together! I sort of feel like I have been picking up edits willy nilly. Not really sure which ones I need or which ones to start with as a Photographer that started in film and learned digital later. It took me a bit longer to understand that Photoshop is a wonderful tool. This great series is the perfect way to start out with a little bit of everything. it is a perfect starting point to add on all the other amazing edits there are available. These classic edits make it so much easier to know where to start and where to build from! What a wonderful tool Meg! Thank you!”


“Just when you think Meg cannot possibly top the last edit, she does it again. There is so much to be learned from these edits. I was in awe watching the stunning transformations, and am ready to watch them again. Who needs sleep, right? I love that these images are so different, yet each is transformed into a work of art. This collection most definitely belongs on your "must have" list right at the top!”


“Viewing this editing videos and talking by myself saying "oooh that's how it's done". I learn through this videos that editing with an structured list of steps gives you a coherent look in your portfolio but it's up to you to find your own scheme, thank you for revealing your process Meg.”


“These edits are amazing ! Different subjects, locations and seasons. Meg showed how she did her magic and turned mundane pictures to amazing. This bundle is a must have !”


“Meg is a awesome teacher, very easy to follow! I love how she explains every detail of what she's doing and makes it very easy to follow along. I have learnt so much from these amazing video's. Thank you Meg for taking the time to record your wisdom and sharing it with us!”


“I love the Classic edits! I'm new to Meg's videos but I really appreciate the way she teaches Photoshop and demonstrates techniques that can be used over and over again. I see so many more possibilities and potential for turning photos into works of art! Thank you!”


“I absolutely love the classic edit it is so easy to understand and follow along. I've never been disappointed with an edit and my work as made lap and bounds in the past year. Truly awesome teaching style!”


“I love learning new skills especially in PS! Thank you meg for such amazing education!”


“I'm in love with the classic edit, the way Meg explain every single step of what she is doing is just beyond awesome.”


“I love that this collection covers a little bit of everything, I always learn something new with every edit I watch and this collection was no exception. I love Meg's clear and detailed instructions, she makes it easy to follow along and implement the techniques used on your own images. I would highly recommend purchasing this collection.”


“This was my very first edit with Meg, I was hesitant to spend my limited funds on her workshops. I am so new to photography that I was concerned it would be far too advanced for me right now. I must say that I am EXTREMELY glad I saw this promo and gave it a chance, it was simple and informative. Meg covers a lot of ground without making it overwhelming. I really loved this tutorial and I will be investing in more right away. Thank you!”


“These edits are amazing. The amount of detail that Meg goes into is incredible! I love that in each of the videos she addresses a different issue that is very common and makes it so easily fixable! Like a red nose due to the cold weather! Who knew!”


“Meg, I want to say WOW!!! and Thank you for sharing your amazing talent. I have admired your work for so long and to watch how you do your workflow is truly inspiring. I have just watched the first 5 edits from Classic edits and looking forward to seeing the next ones when they become available. Thank you so much. Michelle x”


“So amazing and such a great deal. I giggled when Meg mentioned the evil bear in the newborn edit. Such a great amount of variety showing many different techniques. I have learned so many new, easy and different ways to achieve my desired look. The only thing I wish that was touched on was the skin smoothing. I do understand that it is available in zero to skin but even just a basic step by step would have been great.”

— AMY K.

“Grab your favorite snack and beverage and prepare to be amazed! This bundle of edits is a wealth of knowledge. Meg’s teaching style is informative and easy to follow. Her vision and attention to detail are inspiring. Buy this bundle! You won’t regret it!”


“I just adore this set of images. I've watched a few of Meg's edits before but for some reason these classic ones simplify the process for me so much more. It covers EVERYTHING you will ever need to know to make your own images look amazing. Thank you!!!!!”


“These edits are SO good! If you want to know how to edit ALL the seasons, this is a MUST! A great variety of images that Meg brings to life. Meg moves at a great pace that allows the viewer to follow each and every step of the process. There is something new to learn in each edit. It's wonderful to see how each image is transformed before your eyes. AMAZING & so worth it! Thank you for such a wealth of knowledge.”


“Meg does it again! This collection is an amazing option for people wanting to see how Meg seamlessly works through an image, creating a true piece of art. By watching her work, you are able to learn the many different techniques that she uses to make the images the way that they are, affording you the ability to learn from her workflow and style. I love this collection because it truly hits on each of the areas that Meg is so well known for. Some of my the images that made me fall in love with her work & style are included in this collection. This collection left me yearning for more in a good sense- I want to purchase more of Meg's classes because I can see how easily I can learn from her, which inspires my own creativity and makes me to want to create my OWN style using her knowledge base and techniques.”


“What an amazing spectrum of edits!! Each edit is breathtaking in it's own right with a range of subjects and seasons, but what I love most about it is watching Meg's vision for the photograph become an actuality. I am now inspired to make my own visions come to life. With the tools and techniques I observed, I'll be closer than ever.”


“I rated this 5 stars because I love watching Meg utilize the color balance adjustment layer to create color harmony and make her images pop. I love her creativity with color and can't wait to push myself more in this area with the planning and editing of my images. I also enjoy the fast pace and no nonsense approach to her videos. She gets to the point and doesn't waste my time. Thanks Meg!!”


“Meg has outdone herself once again!! As always very informative and definitely worth every penny!”


“The classic edits take you through editing in many different seasons and settings. I find this so valuable because I shoot outdoors all year long and there are different editing challeneges for me throughout the seasons. Meg's teachings and clear explanations of her edits helps me apply the techniques to my own work. I will definitely be referencing these videos over and over again.”


“I have been a fan of Meg's for years. Like 4. Ever since I started my photography journey, and with moving to a new state and starting all over again, I had to jump at the opportunity to learn from the best, and I was not disappointed in this purchase at all. Not only will watching these over and over help me to really perfect my images outdoors, but it will help with working in studio as well so that my clients & their little ones are the true stars in my images. I cannot thank you enough for these Meg. They are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your skill with us all!”

— JOY W.

“I love these. You get such a good variety of different edits, including one for each season. I especially loved seeing the winter photo being transformed into something beautiful. I've watched quite a few of Meg's editing videos and there are quite a few tricks that I learned in these that I have not previously seen her do. Definitely worth the money!”


“I learn something new with each video I watch. PS no longer seems overwhelming to me. I watch, practice and learn with Megs edits and love the way she teaches. Thank you Meg for another great product and for taking the time to teach us!”


“I love them. Meg takes her pictures to another level with her editing. She creates a wonderful vision and feeling her processing. i always learn from watching her edit”


“I have purchased various editing videos from Meg's collection, and was concerned that I would find these to be too similar to the ones I had already watched - but boy was I wrong! Meg teaches various strategies to attacking a lot of the challenges that we all face at one time or another when editing. These videos are informative, easy to follow, and packed full of great tips. Two thumbs up!”


“Thank you so much Meg to give this opportunity to us. I am so exciting with your workshops and edits. I am learning a lot from you. This special one couldn't be different!! I am so glad to have this opportunity to buy this beautiful Classic Photoshop edit. This videos is so easy to understand, I hope everyone can have this amazing chance. Take care darling!! <3 <3”


“Great set of edits that cover a range of situations. I love Meg's editing techniques and she shows you that you can still create a piece of art for the client even with a reasonably bland photo and average environment. No excuses! Her editing techniques have a way of highlighting the beautiful features of the model/client which is fundamentally why people pay for photography! Love this package and so glad that I come across Meg on Facebook as her editing and thinking towards photography has been a game changer for me and my bookings have increased along with my sales! Thanks Meg for this opportunity.”


“Another 5 star Meg class! You can learn so much from just one of Megs videos!”


“I have been using photoshop for quite sometime now and yet each time I watch a Meg edit I learn something new. Amazingly, each time I rewatch Meg's edits I learn something new! It never fails! These classic edits are no exception. Meg makes the world of curves understandable. I have watched many many tutorials before, but these edits by far are superior to them. Meg takes her time as she explains thoroughly what adjustments she does and why. You will learn everything from perfecting skin tones to sky enhancements, and then there is all that stuff in between! The education that you walk away with after watching her videos are priceless.”


“After every edit the same word comes out of my mouth - "WOW!" These edits are amazing, they are game changers ..! The better my images are, he more money I make - this is a no brainer investment. Thank you Meg!! ❤️❤️❤️”


“WOW! I cannot wait to try these edit tips on some of my photos. I love how each and every edit is full of drama, full of emotion. A simple photo becomes a piece of art! Thank you Meg! 5 stars without. Doubt!”


“This collection is awesome! I love Megs teaching. These edits are easy to follow and are simply stunning. The variety in this collection makes it a must have. Thanks to Megs edits and workshops I have gained a huge confidence in my editing and am creating images that speak to my soul. I have learned new things with this collection and can't wait to put them to use.”


“Meg has a way of walking you through the steps, which I have never found in other editing videos. She gives you the inspiration, and guidance to bring your own magic to your photos, and this series of Classic Edits do not disappoint, as she shows you how to transform your own imagery from a photo, into a beautiful piece of art. Every edit, gives you new tools to guide you to your vision.”


“Amazing!! I have never regret buying any of Meg’s edits! They have helped my editing tremendously. I learn more & more each edit that I watch and there is always something new I learn. I can’t wait to buy more!! <3”


“Amazing!! I have never regret buying any of Meg’s edits! They have helped my editing tremendously. I learn more & more each edit that I watch and there is always something new I learn. I can’t wait to buy more!!”


“I love how helpful Meg is! These edits are awesome!”


“This is amazing! The amount of information packed into these edits is invaluable! I have, within the last 30 minutes, learned more than I did on my own, in the past three years, I have a renewed excitement to go through all my edits and see what I can do with all this new knowledge.”


“I’ve been using lr for years now and seeing Meg’s work made me want to learn about photoshop. I am glad I purchased this inexpensive tool to help me get started. It’s easy to follow and the variety is more than your money’s worth. Definitely a must buy if you want to learn how to get started. I will be purchasing more of Meg’s edits and workshops soon. Thank you for this one.”


“OMG ......the classic edit collection is everything that has drawn me to Megs style of editing back from when I used to see her posts in 2011 online. The NYC look, the beach edit, the fall its got it all and is a great tool to learn from and then easy to customise for my own style... Meg teaches the way she does it and she bares all leaving nothing unexplained in these. Thanks Meg and the rest of your team great work sharing this knowledge to all”


“I began following and learning from Meg before was launched, back when I had to take my own notes because you could only watch them once! Before finding Meg, I only knew how to open Photoshop, I used elements exclusively. By watching the “classic” Photoshop edits (in real time) I actually learned how to use and not be afraid of photohshop. Meg doesn’t take the short cuts, she shows you exactly where she selects tools from their drop down menus, she explains techniques and why she chooses them based on personal preference. In these Classic Edits Meg always does a great job at letting you know what lens and settings she used in camera. The variety in this new bundle is fantastic. Watching through these, some for the first time, others for a second time, I was surprised that I was able to learn something new again. I always find myself thinking, well I have all these edits, what more could she teach me? But she never fails to surprise me and inspire me to try new things through my edits and even posing. She has given me confidence to save underexposed images, like Classic Maternity. Another thing I love about going back to these Classic Edits is seeing the evolution of some of Meg’s techniques that she uses now versus then and discovering new ways to create similar effects, which gives photographers the freedom to choose which way they like best for their own edit work flow. If you are having trouble choosing from all the wonderful edits, this is a fantastic place to start! You’ll learn to use the liquify tool for everything like baby bumps to making a dress appear flowing and fluffy, like in Classic Fall 2. You’ll find techniques to create a frame for your subject and be able to draw the light to your subject, even if you think you missed the mark in camera! She will teach you to make your subject “pop” right out of the image through color manipulation and attention to skin and eye details. If you don’t use them already you will discover a love for color gradients from Classic Winter. I seriously can’t say enough wonderful things about all the progress I have made in my photography thanks to Meg, who really encourages you to seek out and develop our own vision and push yourself to the beyond your limits. And for me, it all began with the classics...”


“These are honestly brilliant! I have learnt so much from each video and feel so motivated to get out with my camera and then try out all of these editing techniques. I love how each step is clearly explained and demonstrated. This is the first set of edits I've purchased from Meg and I couldn't be happier with what I've learnt from them.”


“This is an incredibly versatile package of edits. There are multiple techniques, settings, lighting scenarios, range of subjects, etc. covered in this group of edits. Meg talks about bringing "light to the subject" and "lifting the mid tones" in many of her edits...whenever I hear her say those phrases I think of how much my skill level has "lifted" in such a short time since discovering Meg's tutorials. She has really taught me to look for the light in my photography, and enhance it in my editing. The maternity edit in this series shows how much small adjustments using liquify can enhance natural beauty and please the client. The beach edit shows how to accomplish tonal separation and make your colors pop. The list goes on. Again, a very versatile package of edits... one of my favorite purchases to-date for my photography journey.”


“I love this! It covers a variety of images to really give you a solid education. Plus Meg's teaching style is simple to understand and follow, making this an excellent course for both beginners and more advanced photographers alike.”


“Wow!!! This is a must have. Doesn’t matter what question you have this bundle will answer your question. I own quite a few edits but this bundle did blow my mind. I love how easy it is to follow her on her edits and to learn from her. I love how this edit series has a edit for every season. You won’t be disappointed”


“Meg’s edits never fail to impress and this one’s no different. All seasons are covered (fall, winter, spring and summer). I learned SO much....liquify, cut/paste, temperature, tonal separation and so much more. She is extremely clear in instruction, not only how to achieve the looks but the why behind her vision. Thanks, Meg for another wonderful collection of edits.”


“This is the complete package of "Meg Knowledge and Expertise" ... The easy to follow videos are full of different scenarios, colours and content.... A fantastic collection of "classics" which equates to MUST HAVE!! Thank You Meg, for sharing your passion, truly inspiring :)”


“As a beginner/hobby-doer and someone who finds photoshop challenging, I LOVE this purchase. I was able to follow step by step instructions on Megs videos and able to learn and create in photoshop, whereas I have been only using it for very specific touchups. I will be purchasing more workshops/edits!”


“Thorough, clear instructions on more amazing edits by Meg! Fantastic product, would definitely recommend again and again!”

— JOY T.

“Being new to Photography and editing I’m thankful for all of these step-by-step videos. I’m very glad Meg thoroughly explains the techniques used in her edits- it definitely makes it easier to learn. This ‘Classics Collection’ is classically brilliant- I love the variation of edits in this series.”


“These videos offer so much information and are so easy to follow along. Meg does not leave out one single detail on how she edits and watching her work her magic is so inspiring. After viewing these you will want to edit the first image you can get your hands on to try out what you learned. from her!”


“Awesome edits!!! You learn so so much and every single edit is different! I love the way Meg explains everything step by step and it is very easy to follow how she creates magic! I learned so much from her, one of my favorite things are how she is cutting out one side of the image and paste it - so much easier than cloning! Also the way she brings the highlight on to the subject just using curves! And finally I understood how to use the gradient tool!! I admit I am using actions a lot but after watching Meg's classic edits I will totally do it the way she does it! Thank you Meg!”


“Wow! I only recently discovered Meg Bitton's workshops and her edits. All I can say is thankyou!! You teach in such a clear way with step by step processes. I am learning to apply these to every image I take now instead of relying on actions to edit. It is amazing how some simple steps can be the difference between an average image and one that pops of the screen. Highly recommend this purchase”


“I have bought lots of Megs workshops and edits and this one also didn't fail to disappoint. I love how there are different seasons to these edits that you can go through and get some ideas and learn from. You wont regret purchasing any of Meg's edits or workshops and this one is no exception.”


“Such artistry! These edits are fascinating and informative. I am going to enjoy watching these over and over again. Like that Greatest Hits Album that everyone needs to own- you simply must have this classic set. Thank you, Meg!”


“wow it's amazing! These edits are really useful. I'm impressed for how much i just learned in less than an hour. Recommended absolutely Sorry for my English, i'm not so familiarized because i'm from Chile. That's the only thing that i'd would like you do: subtitles in spanish! but in the mean while i'm practicing and my ear is accustomed to listen in english”


“Simply amazing! So clear and easily able to follow along. Love the different edits included, really get a grasp of different techniques to make images the best they can be ....”


“So much to learn as I’m typically working in Lightroom! These edits were pretty simple to follow and although I won’t be as fast as Meg, this is the first time I understand what’s going on in a video on Photoshop! Can’t wait to try these techniques out on some of my own images. I must purchase more of these videos! Great job!”


“As always Meg's edits are so educational. She explains very clearly what she is doing so I can apply these techniques to my own photos.”


“Wonderful! I thought I knew photoshop pretty well, but these videos have showed me so many tools I've never used! Definitely can't wait to put some of these new skills to work!! Love how she adds color so beautifully to make the image really pop! The videos are extremely easy to follow along with and she explains what she's doing the whole time. I've watched some tutorials where they go so fast you have no time to soak in what is going on, these are not like that at all. Very easy to catch on to! I definitely recommend this purchase!”


“I absolutely love watching all of megs edits. I like how each one shows me something new. I have received so many compliments since utilizing Megs' techniques.”


“AMAZING edit collection. All of the knowledge I have received from these videos is incredible. I have quite a few edits from Meg and these classic photoshop edits are most definitely my favorite. So thankful that Meg puts so much time into these videos and allows us to learn from her. Thank you Meg for yet another amazing set of edits and showing us how to create magic.”


“Beyond thrilled to be gaining new techniques that will take my photos to the next level. Watching Meg’s edit turn regular photos into beautiful masterpieces are both inspiring and motivating. It makes me want to get out and shoot more just so I can try more of these techniques! Thru Meg’s edits, I’ve learned tips and tricks to hand-edit which allows more creative control over my image’s final outcome vs. relying on randomly adjusting various actions. The videos are very informational without a bunch of extra “fluff”, easy to follow and understand. I love that thru purchasing the edits, I have the videos on my account to refer back to at any time. You will not be disappointed with the classic Photoshop edits.”


“WOW!! Just when you think you know your way around Photoshop, Meg shows you a new trick, something new. I have learned so much just watching her edit and have taken my images to another creative level. These are truly valuable for anyone wanting to expand their view on editing. Whether you are a newbie or been using Photoshop for years this is a must have. Thank you Meg for sharing your talent!”


“Wow just wow...the 2nd video really is amazing! I love how easy the videos are to follow and learn! This collection is a great combination of many different tools! Love!”


“I love this. This is truly amazing ...”


“Very easy to understand as well as useful tips to improve your own editing techniques without actions..”


“I LOVE that Meg not only shares each and every step she is doing, but follows up with the correct command to avoid missing a critical step by not knowing the command. Meg shares opportunities to customize your edits even though we're watching her create one of her own, by reminding us that we can add as much or little as we like when using a colour balance layer adjustment. I find it very refreshing that Meg uses a lot of the same steps in various edits so we can continue to digest the steps and process until its habitual for us, while watching different edits to see how they can apply to many conditions. Discussing the issue of underexposure was also wonderful, as it happens to the best of us! Sharing that expressions can be changed using liquify is quite useful. Without having the zero to skin, we wouldn't have the skin smoothening tool, so that was hard to hear when we are leading up to the skin smoothening steps. Perhaps showing us another way to smoothen skin without that tool, so we can continue with the edit? When Meg makes quick statements like "I'm going to invert that, and then I'm going to mask that', including the commands would be wonderful so we're not falling behind. In the Beach Edit, I'm happy that Meg addresses simple edits, as they are just as important and helpful to know when to stop. Sometimes I would love it if Meg slowed down with the solid fill gradient layer so I don't reply it twenty times, as there are so many steps to that one. Love listening to her. Love the edits. Love the inspiration and the growth in personal and professional learning this platform provides so many of us! Thank you! Marcie Costello, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.”


“So much knowledge gained from these videos. Meg you are amazing. Love learning how to use basic photoshop tools to bring out the best of each image taken. Definitely 5 stars”

— ZAF E.

“Every time I watch one of Megs edits I feel as if I learn something new! Her workflow is the same each time with tweaks here and there but the end result is nothing short of AMAZING! thank you for this site and the opportunity to grow in my editing and photography skills. I look forward to more to come!”


“This is the best purchase I have made on this website. I can't wait to try out these editing tips!”


“All I can say is "WOW" I came across Meg Bitton a few months ago, and I am still amazed at her transformations. She is very informative during her videos. I was always intimidated by hand edits, her videos always teach me something new every time. This video in particular is really neat because it isn't geared to one thing. It has a little bit of everything.”


“I aspire to edit my pictures like Meg. Her style is how I want my style to look! I know I will watch these videos over and over until it becomes second nature for my photos to look as beautiful as hers. Videos are very straightforward but you do need a little background in PS. I've only been introduced to PS for about 4 months now and I can follow what she is doing in these videos. I'm much slower so there is a lot of pausing the videos but there is a lot of useful knowledge in these videos! Very happy that I made this purchase!”


“What an amazing collection of edits!! Each one offers new insight into Meg's arsenal of talent and teaches the viewer how and why adjustments were made. Love learning the technical and artistic skills from Meg's classes!”


“LOVE LOVE LOVE, Once again Meg never fails i always learn something NEW when i watch one of megs videos,the best thing about these videos is that you can watch them over & over again. Love how all these videos has something for each season. this editing video is a must have. you will not be disappointed!!”


“Very informative! Meg is great at making the steps that she is taking clear. It is amazing to see where her images start and where they end. I do wish she explained the why on some steps a little more, not sure what the purpose of the first levels layer is for example. Overall though very good, new skills like the gradient layers. Thanks Meg!”


“If you're just starting with Meg's edits, this is a great place to begin! Meg covers so much in this collection. She addresses multiple seasons, different subjects and all with her gorgeous and dramatic flair! Her easy to follow narration proves to be perfect for the beginning and advance photoshop user. Meg's edit have completely changed my photography!”

— SAM I.

“Love seeing some of these classic edits. I especially love seeing the beach edit since I have been dying to learn how to edit a gorgeous beach session. These edits move quickly, so I'd recommend being familiar with Meg's basic tools for most of her edits - curves, levels, fill colors etc. This is a great edit bundle that covers many different topics. Can't wait to see what the other edits are!”


“This was my first time watching Megs edits and I was amazed at all the new things I have learned. I can’t believe I waited this long to try out Megs products. Game changer!”


“I enjoyed this series because so many photoshop skills and tools were demonstrated. It was also interesting because Meg uses different methods then I do to achieve the same goal, so it was fun to see another way to do something. Additionally, it is great to see the attention to detail that Meg gives each image. This is something I sometimes forget, or don't even think of it my edits - one example of this is the leaves in the fall edit. So far, I have seen the 5 edits that were released at the beginning of the series, and am hoping there will be edits coming that contain more then one subject, as I struggle to use some of the curves techniques with groupings of subjects.”


“Meg is so great an making things look simple. Photos do not have to be fancy to be amazing. They tell a story and Meg is a genius when it comes to using color to make a still photo come to life. I'm blown away by the classic maternity edit in this group. I"ve purchase many edits but a classic edit is timeless! The more I watch, the more I leran. 5 stars all the way around.”


“I'm blown away!!! I never knew how to use so many of these photoshop tools until now. The patch tool, dodge, and the gradient fill are things I've never touched until now. Truly a game changer!!”


“As usual meg delivers a 5 star product! I literally always learn at least one new thing from each video she does!”


“Very pleased to see Meg do a very underexposed photo in the "Classic Maternity" video. I am not familiar with Lightroom, but seeing more and more how she starts her editing there, I am learning the benefit of doing that first. Um, PUCKER TOOL? How did I not know about this?! Very interested to play around with that one. Some of the edits compiled here are similar to ones she has in her edits section already but what I love about the each edit she does is that they will have little things to tweak or think about that are specific to the image she is working on. Removing an ear, painting the dress on the beach in multiple colours, taking the orange off of the girl's nose. All of this knowledge just builds and builds and it helps you "see" your images in much greater depth and truly expands it's potential! Thank you for this special offer and keep up the great work Meg :)”


“Amazing, and easy to follow edits... Megs videos are absolutely amazing!!!”


“These edits are amazing, each one of them provide very useful editing tips. All Meg's videos are super easy to follow even with minimal knowledge of photoshop ( speaking from personal experience). You will learn how to use curves, color toning and more.”


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