Classic Photoshop Edits Vol II

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An all-new collection with TEN MORE of my FAVORITE CLASSIC edits. For 2018.

Classic Photoshop Edits Vol II

Did you love Classic Photoshop Edits Volume I? This bundle includes ten MORE of my most loved editing tutorials! Strengthen your editing skills and add new tools to your workflow with the techniques I use most often in mine!

71 Reviews for Classic Photoshop Edits Vol II

“So good”

— KAY C.

“This Classic Set is awesome! Meg gives so much information that you didn't even know you needed, until you have that "ah ha, that's what I was missing" moment.”


“First time trying this tutorials and I thought I knew PS. I'm glad that I accidentally found it. Thank you!”


“Truly an amazing purchase! So much to learn in here! So much contex! I’m thrilled I made the purchase!”


“If you are looking for a taste of what Meg does and what you can learn, this is a fabulous collection to own! The variety of seasons and edits, combined with Meg’s easy guidance, make this a great way to dive in to Meg’s world. Take the plunge! You won’t be sorry!”


“What can I say! She is awesome! I have followed a few sites. That all do beautiful things. I have never spent a dime. Ever! Meg's reviews peaked my curiosity. I did the deed and I think I like it. Actually I know I like it. Most awesome thing I have EVER done. What I also like. I have a four year old. You know how hard it is to watch any thing???? Her videos are amazingly easy to follow. Even with a toddler running around me in circles. Do it! You will NOT REGRET giving her your bank account. ✌️”


“Fabulous combination of edits! I am learning so many things. Meg's way of teaching works for me. I really have struggled with photoshop till now. Thank you Meg. This is one of the best purchases I have made. Love the Princess edit!”


“Absolutely love this set. You just can't go wrong with Meg's edits. Classic edits are perfect to get a variety of different images and techniques. Thank you, Meg!”


“These are amazing! Just what I needed to help me reach the next step in my journey!”


“I love these edits! The different seasons & posing are great, a little bit of everything. Rollerskates is everything! One of my favs:) Thank you Meg for teaching us your vision!!!”


“I really like the variety of this set of edits. I always learn new tips and tricks. Would be most useful if done together with Meg's basic curves, dodge and burn courses etc.”


“I was always sceptical about buying workshops and anything related to photography online but this is really worth it. I like that easy flow while editing, it's not too long to watch and you can see how she knows what she is doing. I am familiar with photoshop and I edit photos in my own way but it means a lot when you see someone elses flow and then you can learn some new tricks and easy ways. Whetever you are an beginner or already in photoshop, you will definetly learn.”


“Always fascinating and inspiring to see your creative process! And a great learning experience on how to bring out the best in your images!”


“I've learned so much from all these wonderful edits. Money well spent!”


“This group of edits is wonderful! It works really well for me when I select one of Meg's edits that is the look I hope to achieve, then follow along step-by-step with my own image. This has really helped me up my game and understand what I need to do to take my images from good to outstanding.”


“I love watching meg edit, her vision and knowledge is just so inspiring! These videos use so many different tools and skills that just watching them you’ll learn so much. I learned a TON in the maternity one! Love it.”


“Great variety of edits and lighting situations! Love it!”


“I have watched many of the courses and once again this does not disappoint. I was most excited to get my first exposure to a B&W edit. I always sit down with my notebook then start watching and my eyes just become fixated at what you can do. This series of edits of is a MUST HAVE! Meg shows such a variety of techniques and I will be rewatching this one for sure. Thought I could pick a favorite but each is unique and offers something special, I'm sure you'll enjoy this purchase as much as I did!! Another winner Meg!!”


“A must have course for me! This is a poetry of photo editing. Thank you Meg!”


“Amazing!!! One of my favorite edits is the Classic Rollerskates Edit! The vision Meg had with this image was so fun to watch come to life as she worked. Her workflow is easy to follow, she does an amazing job of explaining exactly what she is doing.”

— AMY P.

“Stunning edits with so many different techniques! One of my best purchases yet.”


“I've never been disappointed with Meg's products and I'm very happy this time as well! I wanted it because of the black & white edit, but the variety of styles and amount of information included in this set, blown my mind away! I'm always amazed how little tricks, small changes can have a huge influence on your picture and workflow. What is even better imo, that Meg's editing classes are universal to all photography styles and genres. I highly recommend this product with no doubts!!!”


“If you could only buy one product from Meg, then this is the one. This collection gives you demonstrations of many different looks, and Meg's workflow is so easy to follow, I can't believe how long my editing use to take. When you have an idea of how you see your final image, Megs techniques will get you to your final edit faster than all the actions you own. I use to use actions, but found I spent so much time opening the actions up and playing with each layer trying to see what it would look like, instead I now have an end result in mind and techniques to get there faster. Thank you Meg.”


“Love these! Always something new to learn from meg”


“Amazing! A lots of information. Thanks Meg”


“All of these edits are amazing! I can't wait to try these edits on my own images.”


“I really took so much information from this course. I can't tell you enough how my photography journey is now coming full circle. I can see how much I was lacking in finding my own creative voice in editing a photo but this course has really given me two feet in the right direction. There is so much gold in the course!”


“These edits are AWESOME!!!!! One of my favorite Meg purchases. These edits cover a variety of things that I had no idea how to do. I cant recommend it enough!!!!”


“As a beginner, beyond Meg’s courses, I have bought some other edit courses from anothers. But MEG’s is stand out from the crowd. She always makes me “Wow” on every of her edits . I have learnt alot from her. Thanks MEG. You r a great teacher.”


“This is the treasure of editing knowledge. I have started using tools that I have never dared to touch. Everyone should start with both "Classic Edits". It will never disappoint you. It's an amazing course. Not be missed. Every edit is unique in it's own way.”


“As someone who has to be very careful with my purchases, I sat on the fence a few days and gave it a lot of thought before buying this video. I am SO GLAD I decided to get it! It is much much more than I had hoped for. This is a great collection of edits, they are all incredible! I am in love with the dramatic changes that can happen in just a few clicks. Trust me, you can get off the fence and go put MEG’S CLASSIC EDITS 2018 in your cart right now! You will thank me later!! I learned something new in every edit. I have found my new favorite.”


“Amazing!!! I LOVE that there is a black and white edit included! I also love that the classics are so diverse!”


“As always Meg has given us many beautiful edits. I like the variety as I need to see all these different edits to learn. I appreciate her narrating them so I learn WHY she does something which help me when I sit down to edit my own images. Thanks Meg for being my teacher.”


“Definitely will be watching these several times! Definitely recommend this to everyone. Lots of info and great for learning with different styles.”


“I have learned so much from these edits. These are loaded with so much information and Meg does an excellent job explaining what she is doing. Watching her vision come alive through the edit process is cool to watch. Thank you so much Meg Bitton and your entire team.”


“Excellent combination of edits! There is so much to learn from every video. This is a set of edits to watch over and over!”


“love these great edits, really a must have!”


“love these edits, really a must have!”


“Every time I watch one of Meg's edits, I always look at the before image and think nothing much needs to be done to it, because it's beautiful as is... then when she gets to the end and I see the transformation, I'm always blown away that she took it to a whole new level. The more I watch, the more familiar I get with the process and the better I get at creating my own transformations.”


“What an amazing variety!! I'm thrilled to have these new tools, especially having a black and white studio edit! And the Rollerskates edit totally knocked my socks off!! This collection is a must have!”


“Watching Meg's videos completely changed my editing style. She teaches you how to shape the light in your image with curves to draw even more attention to your subject (her famous spotlight effect). She also shows you how to enhance color selectively to make things pop and to create harmony in your pictures. This series is your swiss knife for various locations from the forest to the city and even studio and for different subjects from maternity through newborn to kids. The videos are packed with useful tips and tricks, including modifying your background and correcting skin tones (green colorcast is the worst, isn't it?). The pace is quite fast sometimes, so make sure you take notes and watch them a couple of times to remember everything. If you want to try out the 'Meg experience' it is your best choice, it is worth every penny!”


“I will be watching this over and over again! I learn so much when I watch Meg edit! It’s like seeing the world through her eyes... watching her visions come to life. It is truly inspiring. Thank you Meg, for being you! <3”


“Absolutely love watching Meg’s videos. Watching an edit is such a treat! I always walk away with new learning. She walks the viewer step by step in her process as she’s doing the edit. I hope one day to achieve my own style.”


“Classic Photoshop Edits volume 2 is undoubtedly a "must have" element in any photographer's toolbox. Not only are Meg's edits full of technical instruction, but she also enables the viewer to see glimpses of her vision and heart behind every image. This beautiful collection of edits is sure to help any photographer gain new and varied editing skills and techniques.”


“As usual, Meg doesn't disappoint with these edits! But, beyond that, it is so interesting to see how she looks at things to add light or a touch of color. She is such an artist, and I am so glad to be a part of this group!”


“A great variety of editing tips contained in these videos. You can learn to do things to bring what you want to your own photos without relying on actions and presets. Much more precise and quicker than looking through a list of action names and figuring them out for each shot. Learn what your everyday PS tools can really do and how to use them! Thanks Meg.”


“Meg-nificent!! You always learn something new with each edit. Meg shares with you the techniques for fixing skin, background, etc. to take your photos from mere images to works of art!”


“5 stars! - worth every cent, no more comments- all is said!”


“Love watching Meg gives me so much inspiration in my own work and I love the range of shots she edits! For anyone looking to upgrade their photoshop skills :)”


“Amazing, as always. If your on the fence about getting this, do it, you won't regret it! So much information and such beautiful edits. Thanks Meg and team!!!”


“I literally gasp each time I see the before and after edits! Of course, Meg's photographs are stunning to begin with but her edits are out of this world! I can't wait until I get to the point where I can edit so efficiently. Being able to follow along with her is an invaluable tool. This collection shows a wide variety of images that you can take the edit to apply to your own photographs.”


“This course has a little bit of everything you need. Meg touches on how to fix a background several different ways, skin edits, color separation so your subject pops, and a plethora of other techniques. If you can only purchase one course, you will not be disappointed with this one.”


“Awesome mixtures of your edits. I love all the information on each of your edits - with each efit you lesrn somethjnh new. Thank you MEG for sharing your knowledge with us.”


“Such a great mixtures of edits. I love all the information of each of them. Thank you Meg for sharing your knowledge.”


“So happy I purchased this series. My first purchase with Meg was the original Classic Photoshop Edits, which I loved and that kick started my Meg collection. I have learnt so much from all of these courses and am still learning more from this series. So much fantastic information in Classic Edits 2018. Thank you Meg for sharing this with us all.”


“Thank you, Meg! For inspiration and getting my editing to a new level! I learn so much from these edits, it really sets me apart from other photographers in my area! Such a great variety in the edits, it really covers so much! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!”


“These edits are a must have! It is so amazing to watch Meg bring her images to life over and again and in different ways. No two images are alike which makes them even more special. You can never have too many of these and other workshops & edits as they are always full of so much information.”


“Fantastic broad spectrum variety of edits. Meg once again demonstrates how she infuses her magic into the raw SOOC images to create her works of art. By demonstrating and sharing her process step by step it’s so easy to follow along and learn the skills necessary to bring to life the vision you have for your own images and make them sparkle in the way you wish.”


“Wow!! I haven't finished the videos yet but! I have watched a few of Meg's classes but never a start to finish edit as I don't have PS (just Elements). Her edit transformations are fast but she speaks clearly and explains everything she is doing. Even someone like me, who is hesitant and a little intimidated of the PS learning curve, can easily follow along with what she is doing. I can't wait to try some of these techniques on my portraits when I get PS! Thank you.”


“Another amazing video! Meg nailed it!!!!!!! Just a great mixture of edits in here that once again make your images stand out!!!!”


“Just got done watching all the edits of Classic Edits 2018. Just love watching art at work. Highly recommend it! I also have the 2017 Classic Edits as well as Curves 2017, learning so much, watching them over and over.”


“So many different edits to learn from. Classic curves 2018 was my favorite. This really shows amazing editing.”


“I’m in such awe at what Meg can do! I’ve learned so much from these! Thank you Meg!”

— ZOE H.

“I have watched three of these edits so far and have learned something new in each one. The Classic Princess 2018 gives a look into Meg’s creative thought process and turns a beautiful photo into a work of art. She totally changes the light for an entirely different feel. I can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you Meg and team!”

— SUE D.

“Watched few Classics and I have to say 'What an amazing difference you could create to enchant the images', I love it!”


“I have only watched a few edits so far and I am amazed at what Meg can do! I am excited to start editing my own pictures using the tools and techniques Meg describes.”


“I have been following MEG BITTON workshops and studying her EDIT SERIES for over six months now. I used to rely on presets and actions, but I was never satisfied with the "flat results". After learning from Meg how she edits her photos by using curves, levels, sharpening and color tones to make the subject "pop up", I deleted everything else! Each and every chance I have to purchase a new course, like this is a gift! Meg`s Classic Edits 2018 is a complete pack of her best features. It is a must have!”


“Just watched a few of the edits in this series and the Classic Motherhood was just WOW! I loved how the colors were brought out in the image. Cannot wait to watch and implement these edits into my own work.”


“Just finished watching Classic Rollerskates 2018 and had to leave a review, would have to say it would have to be one of my favorite Meg edits. Luv Luv Luv!!! Can't wait to watch the rest of Meg's Classic Edits 2018”


“It’s like the pub mix of edits! Such a great variety of styles!!! Filled with lots of great information.”


“So happy with all the knowledge from this course!!!! From studio to outdoors, different season and how to get that green cast from the skin tones!!!! This is a must have!!! Thank you Meg and team for sharing the knowledge and allowing us to create magic!!!”