Charlotte Silent Edit Bootcamp – November 2019


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Charlotte Silent Edit Bootcamp – November 2019

Many of you have asked for the chance to edit ALONG with me. Here’s your chance! In this Bootcamp, you’ll see how I edit one of my images and then you’ll have the chance to edit the SAME image yourself. When you join me at this ONE WEEK intensive Bootcamp, you’ll receive a SILENT 30 minute video of me editing the image I call Into the Woods We Go… You’ll also receive the RAW file of the same image so that you can follow along WITH me as you watch the video. Then, we’ll work together for 5 days and you will be able to submit your edits of my image for critique. Each morning, we will provide an Album for you to submit your images, and I will critique the edit of your submitted images in the album. All of this will happen in our PRIVATE Facebook group which is only visible to the people who have purchased this course.

Bootcamp starts on Monday, November 4th. The first album which will accept your submissions for critique will be provided by 9am EST that morning. Monday night, I will critique the work submitted that day. The same sequence will happen each day that week, right up through Friday night. Your images for critique must be submitted by 7pm EST each night. After your images have been submitted, I will go through the album and spend up to one full hour recording a video critiquing your submissions. You will received one critique video for each of the 5 daily submissions albums. I will also spend time each day in the private Facebook group answering questions there.

Here’s your chance to get your hands on one my RAW images and edit it yourself and then work with me to improve your edit! Sign up now and report to Bootcamp on Monday, November 4th to take advantage of this great opportunity! You won’t want to miss it!