Cake Smash

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Turning ONE is so special. Niki will share everything you need to know to create simple, organic milestone sessions for your clients.

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Cake Smash

Turning ONE is so special. Join me in this celebratory workshop to learn how to document this milestone. Niki will show you from start to finish how to make your cake smash sessions beautiful, fun and delicious. She will share everything you need to know to create simple, organic milestone sessions for your clients.

16 Reviews for Cake Smash

“Thank you so much Niki! So many small details that will make a huge difference during my next cake smash. I was most excited about being able to get rid of the splashes on the floor of the backdrop. I don't know why I never thought to do this. I am completely mind blown! Can't wait for my next cake smash!”


“Love it. I plan on starting smashes this year so this has been brilliant. I need to watch it a few more times! I love the idea of incorporating items from their newborn shoot into their 1st year session!”


“Niki, you worked hard and did a wonderful job!! Loved the details....loved the moving front and back in your work flow. Love the idea of keeping it neutral. Wish there was an edit for the shots :(”

— SUE M.

“This went over every question I had regarding cake smashes and made it all seem so easy. I loved the insight and details that were given.”


“This helped me so much with a recent cake smash. Made me realize it's about the little things and no need for all the decorations etc.. after all the focus is supposed to be on the child.”


“Great video, Loved your interaction with the babies. I was able to prepare myself prior to taking my granddaughter's photos. I was happy with the results of the session and photos. It would be great to have edits of a cake smash photos as well.”


“I love watching Niki work - she's so patient with the little ones and that patience pays off. I enjoyed the fact that there was both a boy and girl smash session with different before and after set ups. I would have liked to see one or two edits, especially because dealing with frosting on the face and ensuring both the infant and the neutral scene are highlighted could be challenging. But excellent class as usual.”


“Great Video, For me it would have been nice to see how the photos were processed so we could see an end product.”


“I love how simple and beautiful the cake sessions were. Niki gives great suggestions on how to capture details. I loved this workshop! :)”


“Thank you for this video Niki! I had an Cake Smash shoot yesterday and was a bit stressed about it. But thanks to you I had so many idea’s and even when the baby woke up crying and didn’t stop crying, I didn’t loose my mind and trying to keep te connection like you do here. For everyone who does Cake Smashes or would like to do, you need this video! Niki is great in explaining and you can follow everything step by step. She learns you how to interact with the little customers and help them to get used to you and the settings. Thank you for this video!”


“Loved this workshop! I have done a ton of cake smashings, but I just love the simplicity of Niki's set! Most of my set-ups include tons of props (mainly requested by family) but it does take away from the baby. I also loved watching her flow and her process, and it made me realize I need to 'define' mine much better for myself. The other thing I found interesting was watching her patiently wait for the children to get used to the props. I typically give up once they start crying! There is so much I took away from this session and I am glad I purchased this!”


“Thank you for this great set of cake smash videos, Niki! I learned a lot of new tips that I will be able to apply immediately to my own cake smash workflow. Your gentle handling of the babies is so sweet and your simple backgrounds and props lets baby be the star of the show!! As always, good job!”

— PAM M.

“Thank you for this video! I love the simplicity! It just proves that less is best! Beautiful images!”


“wow - thanks Niki -- it's so refreshing to see a simple and sweet smash cake. I learn so much each time I watch one of your videos. Not just about how your master workflow that allows you to capture a wide variety of beautiful images in such a small amount of time -- but most importantly, how to treat our mini clients. You have a gift -- thanks for sharing your wisdom!”


“Niki does a great job capturing moments with simplicity. I dislike all the over-the-top cake smashes I usually see, so this was great to see that it is possible to have an amazing shoot with simple props and setup. She has setups for boys and girls so you have a good variety to learn from! And she goes through her workflow to show us how to transition seamlessly from one setup to the next. Great job Niki!”


“Great video! I have been really wanting and needing something like this. With the amount of cake smash sessions I have I feel this video will help me have a better workflow. As always blown away over the little details on how to do things for and during the session.”