Black and White 2018

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Learn how to create black and white images which will make a lasting impact on the viewer, using my simple straightforward techniques.

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Black and White 2018

Here is a special BLACK FRIDAY offering from ME to YOU.

YOU will receive ONE RECORDED video per month in 2018 where I am editing a single image using my techniques for creating stunning black and white images. I will show you how to create timeless images that you will treasure. You will have lifetime access to ALL the videos in this series.

Listen and watch as I teach you everything that you need to know to learn how I edit in black and white.

2 Reviews for Black and White 2018

“Black and white is my favorite because it causes an emotional pull. Meg helps you take B&W photography to the next level and make it your own masterpiece!”


“Black and White Gridlight completely blew me away! I have realized lately how much I love BW and this edit is stunning. Especially the trick for removing the softbox! Wow, I had to watch that a few times. I love the entire edit, it's literally just a work of art.”