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Kristi Brunworth joins us as a Guest Instructor! Kristi is a fantastic editor and in this video she teaches how to use Photoshop tools to craft a work of art!

Fine tune your editing skills with the techniques Kristi teaches in this video!

2 Reviews for Bella

“This has to be one of my favourite editing tutorials. I followed Kristi's instructions to the letter and I am delighted with the results. My daughter's pup was celebrating her first birthday so the release of this edit was very fortunate for me. There are so many tips and tricks and Kristi's blending method is awesome. I found the pace of the video was just right for me to be able to follow along without having to stop and retrace my steps. I highly recommend this tutorial.”


“This video is under 20 minutes and packed with techniques: how to select and blend your subject into a background, how to use shoot throughs, how to blur them, how to change their color, how to create a clipping masks. Great editing tutorial for anyone who wants to make the most of Meg's bundles!”