Behind the Camera: My First Lifestyle Session

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Behind the Camera: My First Lifestyle Session

Go Behind the Camera with Keri Ciofolo as she walks you through images from her first lifestyle session EVER! Learn from Keri where she rocked it, and even where she went wrong, to learn how YOU can walk into your first lifestyle session with ease and confidence to create beautiful client galleries!


1 Reviews for Behind the Camera: My First Lifestyle Session

“Really glad I purchased this course. In it, Keri is open and "real" about the difficulty she had in stretching outside of her comfort zone creatively for this session. She describes how she dealt with various natural light lighting challenges and her overall approach to posing the putting together the family groupings for this session. She talks about the various lenses and props that she brought to the session and how she used them. She describes how she overcame excuses/challenges/potential barriers. She also touches a lot of things I struggle with, and gave me ideas and motivation to stop making excuses and try new things in my photography journey.”