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No Excuses: From Beginner to Beautiful Image Maker in Under Three Hours

From artist Meg Bitton
3 reviews

Course Details

This is the NATURAL LIGHT workshop of ALL WORKSHOPS. Watch me take a student who has never used a camera before, use an entry level kit, and with light, posing, composition, styling, connection instruction, create beautiful images on MANUAL.

Watch me explain the EXPOSURE TRIANGLE in a way you will UNDERSTAND and use the SAME CROP SENSOR AND KIT LENS.

Also, we take a dip into editing in CURVES and create a work of art.

It is not the camera, it is YOU. Are you ready????


Product Reviews

3 total reviews
Very helpful. I am sad to say that I too did not consult anyone before buying a camera and ended up with a "Memory Maker". Whoops!
I learned so much, it's like you were talking to me personally. Nikki you were asking the things I wanted to ask. Thanks for this one.
You two are funny!