Exceptional Sessions: Autism Spectrum

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Exceptional Sessions: Autism Spectrum

I firmly believe that ALL children deserve special photographs. I am here to help prepare you to work with Exceptional children in order to make sure that you are able to provide them with the MOST special photographs ever. Any child can be captured and posed with the right kind of connection. The two biggest factors here are Patience and Light. Let me show you how to combine those elements to make Magical Images that ANY parent will treasure.

Proceeds from the sale of this course will be donated to an organization that provides services for exceptional children.

3 Reviews for Exceptional Sessions: Autism Spectrum

“This workshop has a special place in my heart, and the models and sessions truly are exceptional! Meg has such a special way of interacting and connecting with children, especially these special children. She also shows many ways to engage with these children, but also how to create a session and work through it relatively fast. This is also shot with a 3 light set up so if that is of interest to you it is great for that as well. It’s an exceptional workshop that is exceptionally well done!!”

β€” ERIN B.

“Thanks so much for taking the time to work with Ethan. I will treasure this video of him forever”


“This workshop melted my heart. My son has adhd and sensory disorders, before he was diagnosed it very difficult to even try to incorporate him into a picture and it was such a battle for the both of us. this workshop has been amazing and it helps those who don't have a child or know someone with a disorder to understand more about the child and the struggles they have especially with eye contact and to the people who has children with a disorder it helps you better connect with them. this is a must watch !!!!!!”