The Art of Actions 2021

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The Art of Actions 2021

I do not use actions. Sarah does not use actions. We created actions to mimic our hand editing process. BUT, this year we have a FANTASTIC and FUN BUNDLE!!!!


Every month (Sarah and I will be swapping) you will receive a beautiful VIDEO EDITING TUTORIAL that ONLY uses our MAGICAL ACTIONS.

Are you joining us for a year of something FUN?!?

Please note: Edits do not include the actions used!

1 Reviews for The Art of Actions 2021

“I am so glad Meg challenged me to buy this (when I said I didn't use actions at all). I had no real idea how to use them so I just avoided them. I had tried to run a few but had no idea how to make them look like I wanted (maybe I am a bit slow ...). Now I have seen what Meg and Sarah can do with them I can't wait to buy some. If you are scared of Actions, buy this course. We are only 3 months in and I can't wait for the next one.”