A Magical Light

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A Magical Light

Join me in one of the most beautiful video productions ever.

Learn how to recognize, find, harness and use natural indoor light.

Learn how and why to pose multiple subjects TOGETHER.

Learn how to turn spaces into stories.

Find your light, finally.

Turn spaces into stories.

Let A Magic Light wash over you.

4 Reviews for A Magical Light

“Absolutely loved this one!”


“The moment that made me catch my breath with an Ah-ha moment was, sitting Tallia in the pool of light on the floor. Look around for the light, not just straight ahead. It's a beautiful video not only about lighting but posing as well. I love this one.”


“Great class in my opinion mainly for people who works with groups, great group management, I can not envision doing this without an assistant. Interesting set up.”


“Love ... your connection with these girls especially with Tallia really shines and is just magical! Loved the explanation of harsher shadows in relationship to distance from light source... another wonderful investment!! <3”